The Wine Wall – with Solid Oak Racking

The Wine Wall, featuring solid oak racking, is a stylish temperature-controlled wine display cabinet with LED lighting and sliding glass doors. Self-contained, it requires no drainage or plumbing. The oak racking can be customised, offering various shelf types and an angled display tier at the bottom of each column showcasing labels.

Three-tiered warm white LED lighting, controlled by a remote with a dimmer function, enhances the wine wall’s overall aesthetic.

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The epitome of wine storage is the wine wall – featuring solid oak racking in a magnificent, temperature-controlled cabinet which is totally self-contained and needs no plumbing or drainage. The 2.495m – wide model boasts ample capacity for 414 bottles, including 12 wooden cases on sliding shelves and multiple oak racks including a mixture of wine cubes and individual bottle racks with some bottles at a display angle. The solid oak wine racking is bespoke, so can be changed to suit your individual requirements.


General Information

  • Customise the solid oak racking to suit your specific requirements
  • Wine walls are available in widths from 1.1m to 3.0m (model shown width: 2.495m)
  • Includes a self-contained cooling unit, no plumbing or drainage required
  • Installation included
  • Perfect temperature and humidity
  • Temperature range 6–18°C
  • LED lighting in 3 tiers, warm white with remote-control
  • Lockable double-glazed doors
  • Available in any RAL colour, standard colour is Black

Width: Available in widths from 1.1m to 3.0m


Depth:  710mm



The Wine Wall cabinet (excluding the cooling unit) stands at a height of 2m*. It normally requires a minimum ceiling height of 2350mm to accommodate the cooling unit atop the cabinet and allow for a 50mm ventilation gap above it. However, in spaces with limited height, we can reduce the height of the plinth beneath the racking to fit within a cabinet of height 1900mm, therefore reducing the total minimum room ceiling height required to just 2250mm.


Cooling Unit

The Smartcave cooling unit, responsible for temperature control, is positioned on top of the cabinet and vents through an opening in the cabinet’s ceiling. To ensure proper ventilation, it is recommended to conceal it with a 300mm-high panel (not included), leaving a minimum 50mm gap between the panel’s top and the room’s ceiling. A grille should be installed at the front centre of the panel, unless the gap can be extended to 100mm or more, in which case a grille is not required.


*The maximum height possible of the cabinet (excluding the cooling unit) is 2200mm. The extra 200mm allows for a row of display bottles to be added immediately above the shelf which separates the case racking from the racking above. At this height, the minimum ceiling height required is 2550mm.



Also available:

The Wine Wall with standard racking is also available, with sliding horizontal shelves and sliding display shelves.The Wine Wall Standard Racking

Additional information




Sliding Shelves, Lock, Double-Glazed Doors, Self-Contained Cooling Unit

Unit Type

Built In, Freestanding

Bottle Capacity



Domestic, Commercial

Door Finish Options

Black Frame or any RAL colour


Extra-Wide (widths 1100mm to 3000mm)

Plug / Wall Socket

Requires 2 x 13A Fused 3-Pin Plug sockets



Solid Oak Racking – Shelving & Lighting

The Wine Wall, solid oak racking option, is shown above with a mixture of wine cubes, individual bottle racks and sliding case racks. Any shelving combination can be accommodated and the individual bottle racks and cubes can be supplied in double-depth format to increase capacity.


LED lighting in 3 tiers is fitted with a dimmer function. If case racking option is selected, the lower set of LED lights are fitted above the cases to illuminate downwards. If no case racking is required, the LED lighting can be fitted to the plinth at the bottom, illuminating upwards.


The Wine Wall Solid Oak Racking

The Wine Wall Solid Oak Racking and Lighting



The Wine Wall cabinets are delivered flat-packed by our delivery team and assembled on site. This way we can install a wine wall in just about any home or restaurant.


Delivery/installation is normally approximately 19 weeks from date of order, excluding holiday periods.

Once your wine wall is delivered to our warehouse, our delivery service will call you to propose a delivery date.


**Delivery is free of charge to any mainland address in England and Wales. For delivery to any other location, please contact us.


Payment: Payment by bank transfer to Wine Storage Solutions Ltd.

Important Ventilation Reminder

Important Ventilation Reminder

The cooling unit at the top of the cabinet requires a panel (not supplied) to be fitted to conceal it. The panel should have a height of 300mm. For ventilation purposes you must ensure that there is a gap between the top of the panel and the ceiling of the room of at least 50mm. In addition, you need to fit a grille in the front, centre of the concealing panel. Failure to do this will cause the cooling unit to overheat.


If you have sufficient ceiling height available and can increase the gap between the concealing panel and the ceiling of the room, you do not need to fit a grille in the front of the concealing panel.


Adequate air circulation is essential, allowing air to enter from one way and exit from the other. If there’s only a grille in the panel and no minimum 50mm gap above it, the unit will overheat.