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Capture attention and indulge in refined elegance with our exquisite wine fridge cabinets. Equipped with advanced multi-temperature technology for optimal storage of both red and white wines, these cabinets are designed to impress. With dynamic LED lighting and exceptional craftsmanship, they are the ideal choice for homes and hospitality establishments alike.

Customisable Wine Fridge Cabinets

When it comes to wine fridge cabinets, quality and merit matter. Whether you’re seeking an elegant wine cabinet for your restaurant or a stunning showcase for your home wine collection, Wine Storage Solutions is your go-to destination. Our customisable wine display cabinets not only meet but exceed the highest standards, setting new benchmarks for premium wine storage.

Explore our fabulous wine fridge cabinets, offering a variety of styles, including wine coolers and customised wine walls with wooden racks. Call 01608 645083.

TECA: The Ultimate Wine Storage Solution

For the serious wine connoisseur, our leading wine fridge cabinet TECA range offers the perfect combination of quality, storage flexibility and sophisticated style. Discover the possibilities of our highly-customisable wine display cabinets by enquiring today.

In the interests of personalised assistance, simply give us a call on 01608 645 083 or visit our Chipping Norton showroom. See in person the available wine fridge storage solutions firsthand and envision how a TECA can seamlessly integrate into your desired space.

Superior Storage

Exquisitely crafted to meet the highest standards, our wine display cabinets boast superior quality that surpasses expectations. These remarkable cabinets are an ideal choice not only for homes but also for wine merchants and the hospitality industry.

Customise Your Cabinet

Personalise your wine display cabinet to perfection by taking advantage of our extensive range of customisation options. Tailor it precisely to your exact preferences, selecting from a variety of sizes, shelving configurations, frame colours and lighting options.

Expert Installation

Receive ultimate convenience as our adept and masterly two-person team takes charge of the seamless installation of your wine fridge storage cabinet. Sit back, relax and leave it to our experts. With prompt delivery to the majority of UK locations within 48 hours (Monday to Friday), we guarantee a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Enhanced Protection

Enjoy peace of mind with our luxury wine display cabinets that come with a full two-year parts and labour warranty as standard.

Why Choose Our Superior Wine Display Cabinets?

Designed to enhance the style of any room, our top-end wine fridge cabinets are essential for preserving a worthy wine collection. TECA wine storage cabinets are therefore a must-have for the wine aficionado:

Optimal Wine Preservation

Distinguished from traditional wine cabinets, our meticulously crafted wine fridge cabinets surpass expectations in maintaining the freshness of your wine. With complete control over temperature settings, you can create the perfect environment for both red and white wines. Enjoy the flexibility of adjustable temperature settings and fan control, allowing you to store each bottle at its precise serving temperature. Furthermore – a detail often overlooked – our wine fridge cabinets are equipped with UV-protected glass, providing an essential shield against harmful rays and ensuring the preservation of your wine’s exquisite taste and aroma.

Stylish Showcase

Display your wine collection in grace with our leading TECA wine rack cabinets. Configurations can store between 56 to 128 bottles and you can customise the cabinet to suit your unique preferences.

Exceptional TECA Wine Display Cabinets

There are three leading TECA products, each with a wealth of customisation options for you to explore.

  • The TECA Te is our ultimate free-standing wine cabinet ideal for home use and heightens any living area.
  • Take the TECA B it is our seamless built-in wine cabinet that can be custom-built into available recessed spaces.
  • And as for the TECA Vino well, it is ideal for restaurants because the wine cabinets feature lockable glass sliding doors, ensuring complete visibility of your wine selection to customers. Even during the busiest serving hours, you can rely on our cabinets to maintain optimal performance, thanks to the automatic defrosting and evaporation system. This system seamlessly handles any necessary defrosting, ensuring that your cabinet continues to operate at its best without interruption.

The Perfect Wine Cabinet for Your Collection

At Wine Storage Solutions, our range of wine cabinets offers various options to suit your distinctive requirements. Find the ideal shelving configuration for your wine collection, whether it’s the TECA Type 10, Type 12, or the customisable Type 14. Truly enhance your wine display with luxurious RGB lighting or dynamic white LED lighting. Choose from suave, sophisticated finish options to complement your style.

Shelving Configurations

1) TECA Type 10: Display 60 to 120 horizontal bottles.
2) TECA Type 12: Store up to 112 bottles at the perfect display angle.
3) TECA Type 14: Customisable option allowing a mixture of shelf types, with a capacity between 56 to 128 bottles.

Supreme Style

Showcase your wine collection with these finish options:

Luxurious Lighting: Choose between RGB lighting or dynamic white LED lighting with a dimmer feature controlled by a remote.

Sophisticated Finishes: Opt for eye-catching distressed gold or silver designs or match your TECA to any other furniture/finish by using the RAL colour code.

Noise-Reducing Design: Enjoy a peaceful wine fridge storage experience.

Home Range (TECA TE and TECA B): Utilises an inverter compressor for near-silent operation.

TECA Vino: Intended for restaurants or hotels, the TECA Vino features vibration-free technology and low noise output.

Free Delivery, Professional Set-Up and Warranty

Free Delivery: A two-person team delivers your wine cabinet and removes all packaging.
Professional Set-Up: Sit back and relax as our experts handle the installation process.
Two-Year Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year guarantee on all parts and labour.

Wine Display Cabinet FAQs

Q1: What is the best way to store wine at home?

A: Maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level, away from UV light and vibrations. Our wine fridge cabinets provide ideal conditions by allowing temperature regulation for different wine types, featuring anti-vibration systems and providing UV protection.

Q2: Should wine be stored on the side or upright?

A: Wines should be kept horizontally or at a 45º downward angle to keep the cork moist, preventing leakage or premature aging. Cabinets offer different shelving options that meet these ideal storage conditions.

Discover the perfect wine cabinet that meets your storage requirements and does wonders for how you display your wine. With multiple customisable options, supreme style, noise-reducing design and reliable warranty, our wine cabinets provide an exceptional storage solution.

Owning a TECA wine cabinet is a practical and sensible choice for any wine enthusiast. Firstly, it offers an array of benefits that make it an indispensable addition to your collection. Secondly, its advanced features and functionalities provide a seamless and convenient wine storage experience. Moreover, the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail exhibited in TECA cabinets ensure durability and longevity.

Furthermore, the customisable options available allow you to tailor the cabinet to your specific needs and preferences. Above all else, the innovative design and efficient use of space make the TECA cabinet an efficient storage solution, accommodating a significant number of bottles while minimising the required floor space.

Lastly, the peace of mind offered by the TECA cabinet’s reliable performance, along with the added benefits of customer support and warranty, make it a sensible investment for any wine owner.