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Wine Coolers & Fridges

Explore an exceptional selection of wine coolers featuring renowned brands such as Vin Garde. Our extensive collection caters to diverse preferences, offering single and dual temperature units, free-standing and built-in models. We have coolers with heating functions, ideal for garages or unheated spaces, as well as shallow-depth options. Features include switchable LED lighting, slide-out shelves, lockable access, carbon filters, low noise and more – all accompanied by our First-Class customer service.

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An amazing range of temperature-controlled wine display cabinets with sliding glass doors and side panels, LED lighting, horizontal or display shelving, free-standing and built-in options. The Teca range offers many options to tailor the display cabinet to your own requirements and include both shallow depth and full depth options, solid rear wall if positioned against a wall or glass on all 4 sides if situated in the middle of the room to create a 360-degree walk-around wine display.

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Wine Walls

An elegant range of temperature-controlled wine storage furniture, designed to maintain your wine in a captivating bottle display. LED lighting can be adjusted by remote control. Choose from the solid oak wine wall rack, offering case racking, or the modern standard wall wine rack with sliding shelves and display shelves. Widths from 1.1m to 3.0m (model shown: 2.495m has capacity for 414 bottles). Delivered on-site flat-packed and assembled by our installation team, the wine walls can be installed in nearly any location.

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Walk-In Wine Rooms

The Espace walk-in wine cellar or room is a totally self-contained, temperature-controlled wine room formed from insulated panels, backed with aluminium. The cooling unit is also fitted with a heating function to ensure that the temperature does not drop below the set temperature during winter months.  The racking is fitted in columns at the sides which creates a central aisle down the middle of the cellar.  Lighting is supplied by battery-powered lights which attach to the ceiling.  All panels etc. are delivered flat-packed so the Espace can be fitted into almost any weather-proof environment which has a normal domestic power supply. Lock fitted as standard. Glass door option.

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Wine Racking

We are specialists in the design and supply of wine storage racks for homes, restaurants and hotels and offer three wooden wine rack options – a modular racking system, wine bins and bespoke solid oak wine racks. Our racks are normally made from solid oak, finished in Danish oil but we can use other types of wood to meet any specific requirements. We can provide a design service, so you need only give us the room dimensions and a guide as to which racking styles you would like in your home and we will provide a design with costing. Our quotations are usually in three parts – supply only, LED lighting, installation.

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Cellar Conditioners

Any room can be converted into a perfect wine cellar with Friax split-system cellar conditioning systems which are purpose-built to recreate those ideal conditions found in a traditional wine cellar – perfect cellar temperature (12 or 13°C) and humidity 50 – 80%. The evaporator is the part of the system in or near the cellar and is attached by two copper pipes to the outdoor condensing unit, which should be no more than 20m away. The evaporator can be attached to the ceiling or wall in plain sight or can be concealed in a ceiling void, adjacent room etc. or can be concealed by a furniture surround inside the cellar room.

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We believe we offer the most innovative and reliable wine storage systems on the market.


Wine Storage Solutions is the exclusive distributor for Vin Garde wine coolers in the UK. Wine coolers, wine fridges, wine cabinets and wine walls – all terms used to describe a temperature-controlled unit designed for the storage of wine. There are many options available and at Wine Storage Solutions we pride ourselves in meeting customers’ exact requirements.

Single temperature wine cooler

Our Vin Garde wine coolers offer customisable temperature settings, allowing you to set any temperature between 5 and 22°C. This versatility enables you to use the wine cooler in two different ways, depending on your needs.

For long-term storage of red and white wine, set the wine cooler to 12°C, commonly referred to as cellar temperature. This ensures that young wines can mature to perfection and maintains the condition of mature wines. See more.

If you prefer to keep your wine ready to serve, set the temperature to 7°C for white wine and champagne. Set it to 17°C for red wine. It’s important to note that the wine cooler can only maintain one temperature throughout the entire cabinet. If you want to store both reds and whites at their ideal serving temperatures, consider using two separate wine coolers. Alternatively, for those with a smaller wine collection, dual-temperature cabinets may be a suitable option.

The flexibility and precision of our Vin Garde wine coolers are designed to meet the diverse needs of wine enthusiasts. Achieve the perfect environment for your wines, whether you’re storing them for the long-term or keeping them ready to serve.

Dual temperature wine cooler

Our Vin Garde wine coolers are expertly designed to ensure that your bottles are kept at optimal serving temperatures. With two compartments, each with adjustable temperature settings, you can store different types of wine at their ideal temperatures.

The upper compartment can be set to any temperature between 5 and 12°C, perfect for white wine and champagne. We recommend setting it to 7°C to enhance the flavours of your whites and champagnes. While the compartment can be set as low as 5°C, wines may lose some of their nuances when excessively chilled.

In the lower compartment of the wine cooler, you can set the temperature between 12 and 22°C. Ideal of your red wines. We suggest keeping your reds at around 16°C, so the characteristics of the wine come through better.

Our Vin Garde wine coolers ensure that each type of wine is stored at its optimal serving temperature. This allows you to savour your whites, Champagnes and reds at their best.

Our Vin Garde wine coolers are designed to cater to the unique temperature requirements of different wines. Confidently serve your favourite bottles at their perfect temperatures.

Free-Standing Wine Coolers

Vin Garde offers a range of versatile and space-efficient wine coolers that can be used as free-standing units. With a width of 595mm and a depth of 688mm (or 680mm with the stainless steel glass door option), our wine coolers can fit nicely into your space.

You have the option to choose from two heights – 1800mm and 1615mm – allowing you to select the perfect size to suit your available space. Whether you have a compact area or a more spacious setting, our wine coolers can be tailored to fit seamlessly into your home or establishment.

By selecting a Vin Garde wine cooler, you not only benefit from its functionality but also its sleek and stylish design. The compact dimensions ensure that the wine cooler doesn’t occupy excessive space, making it an ideal addition to any wine enthusiast’s collection.

Discover the perfect fit for your wine storage needs with Vin Garde’s range of free-standing wine coolers. Explore our selection today and find the ideal combination of size and functionality to enhance your wine storage and display. With Vin Garde, you can have both the convenience of a compact design and the assurance of optimal wine preservation.

Built-In Wine Coolers

Vin Garde takes pride in offering front-venting wine coolers that provide flexibility for built-in installations. Our wine coolers can be seamlessly placed into your surrounding furniture, as long as the adjacent pieces are self-supporting and do not exert any pressure on the wine cooler.

With our front-venting design, you have the freedom to create a cohesive look by incorporating the wine cooler into cabinetry. This feature ensures that the wine cooler receives proper ventilation and operates efficiently, while maintaining a seamless and streamlined aesthetic.

Whether you have a wine cellar, a custom-built cabinet or any other suitable space, Vin Garde are a straightforward installation. Transform your wine storage area into a functional and visually appealing display, showcasing your collection with elegance.

Explore our range of front-venting wine coolers and discover the perfect fit for your space and design preferences.


Wine Cooler Shelving

When selecting a wine cooler, the design of the shelving is a crucial factor to consider. Many wine coolers on the market feature shelves that can make accessing your bottles a cumbersome task. Some rely on stacked layers of bottles on the same shelf, causing difficulty in reaching specific bottles. Additionally, certain shelf designs may limit the types of bottles that can be accommodated. Most wine cooler shelves are made of thick wood, around 20mm, to support the weight of the bottles.

At Vin Garde, we prioritise user convenience and bottle versatility. Our wine cooler shelves are ingeniously designed with a thin, metal base measuring only 1mm. This innovative design maximises the available space, allowing for the comfortable storage of various bottle shapes, including many Champagne marques. Before making your final purchase decision, it’s essential to check this feature, as it can greatly enhance your wine storage experience.

All our cabinets are equipped with sliding shelves that span from top to bottom. Each horizontal shelf slides out individually, providing immediate access to your bottles. Gone are the days of moving layer upon layer to reach the bottle you desire. With Vin Garde, you can effortlessly retrieve the bottle you need without any hassle or inconvenience.

By choosing Vin Garde, you ensure that your wine cooler not only preserves your collection in optimal conditions but also offers practical and user-friendly features. Experience the ease and accessibility of our sliding shelves, combined with the bottle versatility provided by our unique metal-based design.

Wine Cooler Lighting

Vin Garde wine coolers are designed with integrated mains LED lighting, enhancing the visual appeal of your collection while providing functional illumination. All our models feature LED lighting along the top and down each side of the cooler, creating a stunning display for your wines.

For our dual temperature wine coolers, each compartment is equipped with a dedicated LED light at the top and down the sides, ensuring that both red and white wines are beautifully showcased. With adjustable brightness settings, you have the flexibility to choose from four different levels of brightness or switch off the LED lights completely, depending on your preference and the ambiance you want to create.

The LED lighting not only adds a touch of elegance to your wine cooler but also serves a practical purpose. It allows you to easily locate and select your desired bottles, even in low-light conditions. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or simply enjoying a quiet evening at home, the LED lighting in our Vin Garde wine coolers provides both style and functionality.

Experience the exquisite illumination of your wine collection with Vin Garde’s mains LED lighting system. With customisable brightness levels and the option to switch off the lights, you have full control over the visual presentation of your wines. Choose Vin Garde for a wine cooler that combines stunning aesthetics with practical features, ensuring that your bottles are not only stored in optimal conditions but also showcased in their best light.