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Established in 2005, Wine Storage Solutions Ltd offers a range of wine storage equipment dedicated to creating ideal conditions for the storage and serving of fine wines.



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wine storage showroom Wine Storage Solutions are UK specialists in serving private collectors and catering professionals since 2005.

Store. Serve. Showcase. Whatever your plans for your wine collection, Wine Storage Solutions is ready to help.

We have storage solutions from 79 – 4000+ bottles, including traditional temperature controlled wine cabinets, three ranges of wine racks, cellar conditioning equipment, insulated cellar doors, walk-in wine cellars and illuminated and temperature controlled glass fronted wine displays.

If you are looking to convert a room in your home into a temperature controlled wine cellar, we have the best equipment to meet your specific requirements and would be pleased to advise.

Call us today or visit our Oxfordshire showroom for expert advice on choosing and installing the perfect wine storage for you.


Wine Cabinets

Luxury Wine Coolers, Wine Fridges or Wine Storage Cabinets – whatever term you use, Transtherm wine coolers create the perfect environment for your wines. Transtherm free standing wine coolers have been manufactured by Groupe Eurocave of France for over 30 years. We have 3 types of specialist wine coolers; single temperature, 3 temperature and multi-temperature.


Wine Display Cabinets

Our range of exquisite glass wine display cabinets make beautiful, eye-catching displays for restaurants, hotels and luxury homes, whilst our walk-in wine cellars can be easily assembled in most locations. Cellar coolers and conditioners can be used to turn almost any room into the perfect wine cellar. Our insulated cellar doors are equipped with strong magnetic door seals which prevent any exchange of air beyond the cellar and are available in solid door or glass door options. We offer various wine racking systems, including bespoke solid oak wine racks.

Wine Display Cabinets
Wine Cabinets


Walk-in Wine Cellars

Large-scale wine storage issues are easily solved with our Cavispace and Espace walk in wine cellars. These futuristic self-contained wine rooms offer unrivalled wine storage capacity for 600-4140 bottles in upright and sliding wine racks, combined with mains-powered cellar conditioning for optimum 12-13°C wine storage.

Cavispace Walk-in Wine Cellar

When your collection is growing fast and effective wine storage is a priority, the original Cavispace walk in wine cellar offers generous capacity and modern features.

Espace Walk-in Wine Cellar

Completely self-contained, the Espace walk-in wine cellar is supplied with wine racking, lighting and cellar conditioning unit which has both heating and cooling functions, making it suitable for installation in any weatherproof location which has a normal domestic power supply, eg. garage, outhouse, etc.

The Espace is available in a range of size options (see individual models below), providing perfect storage conditions for 990 – 4140 wine bottles.


Wine Racking & Wine Shelving

Bespoke Solid Oak Wine Racks
Bespoke Solid Oak Wine Racks

Cavicase Wine Racking
Cavicase Wine Racking

SmartCave Wine Bin Racking
SmartCave Wine Bin Racking

One of the great pleasures of a wine collection is presenting it. At Wine Storage Solutions, we can offer high quality wine racking systems tailored to every taste and space. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of solid oak, the practicality of a modular system or bin racking to maximise capacity, you’ll find wine storage at every price point right here.


Wine Cellar Conditioners

Perhaps you’ve always dreamt of creating your own wine cellar – but have never gone ahead because your home doesn’t support the delicate temperature and humidity levels required to keep wine at its best. What you might not realise is that by using wine cellar cooling equipment – alongside insulating material and insulated cellar doors – any space can be transformed into a professional wine cellar.

With Wine Storage Solutions offering the choice between the Koolspace monobloc wine cellar cooler and Friax split-system conditioner, there’s nothing to stop you building your own wine cellar.

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“Origine France” label

Awarded on June 8, 2012, EuroCave Group is the only wine cabinet manufacturer to have obtained the coveted “Origine France Garantie” label.

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