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Wine Coolers and Wine Fridges by Vin Garde

A highly attractive range of single temperature and dual temperature wine coolers with LED lighting top and sides, for use in the kitchen, dining room or even an unheated room/garage (built-in heating function) All models are equipped with sliding shelves throughout, so no stacking layers of bottles on top of each other. Vin Garde wine fridges are front-venting, so can be used free-standing or built-in. Keep red wine and white wine ready to serve or at cellar temperature for long-term storage.

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Wine Display Cabinets by Teca

An amazing range of Temperature-controlled wine display cabinets with sliding glass doors and side panels, LED lighting, horizontal or display shelving, free-standing and built-in options. The Teca range offers many options to tailor the display cabinet to your own requirements and include both shallow depth and full depth options, solid rear wall if positioned against a wall or glass on all 4 sides if situated in the middle of the room to create a 360-degree walk-around wine display.

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Wine Walls

An elegant and unique range of temperature-controlled wine storage furniture which ensures your bottles are kept in perfect condition whilst providing an eye-catching wine bottle display. LED lighting enhances the visual experience and can be adjusted by remote control. Choose between the solid oak wine wall rack which permits case racking or the more modern standard wall wine rack with sliding shelves and sliding display shelves. Delivered on-site flat-packed and assembled by our installation team, the Wine Walls can be installed in nearly any location.

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Walk In Wine Cellars

The Espace walk-in wine cellar is a totally self-contained, temperature-controlled wine room formed from insulated panels, backed with aluminium.  The cooling unit is also fitted with a heating function to ensure that the temperature does not drop below the set temperature during winter months.  The racking is fitted in columns at the sides which creates a central aisle down the middle of the cellar.  Lighting is supplied by battery-powered lights which attach to the ceiling.  All panels etc are delivered flat-packed so the Espace can be fitted into almost any weather-proof environment which has a normal domestic power supply. Lock fitted as standard. Glass door option.

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Wine Racking

We are specialists in the design and supply of wine storage racks for homes, restaurants and hotels and offer three wooden wine rack options – a modular racking system, wine bins and bespoke solid oak wine racks. Our racks are normally made from solid oak, finished in Danish oil but we can use other types of wood to meet any specific requirements. We can provide a design service, so you need only give us the room dimensions and a guide as to which racking styles you would like in your home and we will provide a design with costing. Our quotations are usually in three parts – supply only, LED lighting, installation.

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Cellar Conditioners

Any room can be converted into a perfect wine cellar with Friax split-system cellar conditioning systems which are purpose-built to recreate those ideal conditions found in a traditional wine cellar – perfect cellar temperature (12 or 13 degrees Celsius) and humidity 50 – 80%. The evaporator is the part of the system in or near the cellar and is attached by two copper pipes to the outdoor condensing unit, which should be no more than 20m away. The evaporator can be attached to the ceiling or wall in plain sight or can be concealed in a ceiling void, adjacent room etc or can be concealed by a furniture surround inside the cellar room.

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We believe we offer the most innovative and reliable wine storage systems on the market.


Wine coolers, wine fridges, wine cabinets and Wine Walls – all terms used to describe a temperature-controlled unit designed for the storage of wine.  There are many options available and at Wine Storage Solutions we pride ourselves in meeting customers’ exact requirements.

Single temperature wine cooler

Our Vin Garde wine coolers can be set to any temperature between 5 – 22 degrees Celsius.  This means the wine cooler can be used in either of two ways:-

For long-term storage of red and white wine we suggest setting the wine cooler to 12 degrees Celsius, otherwise known as cellar temperature.  This will allow young wines to reach maturity perfectly and once they have reached maturity will be kept in perfect condition.

If the purpose of the wine cooler is to keep wine ready to serve, we recommend that the temperature setting of the wine cooler should be 7 degrees for white wine and champagne and for red wine 17 degrees Celsius.  Remember, only 1 temperature can be set throughout the entire cabinet, so if you want to keep both reds and whites at serving temperature, you would need to use two cabinets or, if you don’t have sufficient quantity of bottles for two wine coolers, see the next section regarding dual-temperature cabinets.

Dual temperature wine cooler

Our Vin Garde wine coolers are designed to keep the bottles at ready to serve temperatures and have two compartments which can be set to different temperature.  The upper compartment can be set to any temperature between 5 – 12 degrees Celsius for white wine/champagne and the lower compartment can be set from 12 – 22 degrees Celsius for red wine.  Again we recommend keeping the whites/champagnes at 7 degrees Celsius.  The compartment can be set to as low as 5 degrees but experience tells us that at such a low temperature you don’t get the best out of the wine as it is too cold to taste properly.  In the lower compartment of the wine cooler the reds will be at their best serving temperature at around 16 degrees Celsius.

Freestanding Wine Coolers

All Vin Garde models can be used as free-standing wine coolers and have a width of 595mm and depth of 688mm or 680mm if the stainless steel glass door option is used.  There are two heights available – 1800mm and 1615mm.

Built-In Wine Coolers

All Vin Garde models are front-venting, so can be completely built-in at the sides and top, so long as the surrounding furniture is self-supporting and not leaning on the wine cooler in any way. 

Wine Cooler Shelving

This is an extremely important factor in determining which wine cooler to choose as there are many wine coolers on the market with shelving which, quite simply, makes life difficult for the user, relying on several layers of bottles being stacked upon the same shelf, making access very difficult or the shape of the shelf severely restricting the shape of bottle it will accommodate.  Most wine cooler shelves are made from wood and are 20mm thick, in order to be able to support the weight of the bottles.  The Vin Garde wine cooler shelf design incorporates a metal base which is only 1mm thick, freeing-up lots of space so that nearly all bottle shapes can be comfortably stored, even many Champagne marques.  This is worth checking out before making your final purchase decision.  Furthermore, all cabinets are equipped from top to bottom with sliding shelves.  Each horizontal shelf slides out and has just one layer of bottles, so you have immediate access.  No moving layer upon layer to get to the bottle you need.

Wine Cooler Lighting

All Vin Garde models are equipped with LED lighting along the top and down each side.  The dual temperature wine coolers have an LED light at the top of each of the two compartments and down each side.  The Led has 4 levels of brightness or can be switched off completely.