Wine Cellar Conditioners

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Wine cellar air conditioner. The benefits?

Our wine cellar air conditioner can be installed in virtually any space, converting them into a wine cellar with the ideal conditions in which to store and mature your wine collection until it reaches its peak condition.

The wine cooling unit creates a controlled atmosphere with a constant temperature and appropriate humidity which are essential for the ageing process.

Changes in temperature adversely affect the aromas of the wine and can cause it to age prematurely. Wine cellars that are too dry can cause the cork to deteriorate and air to enter the wine, too humid and the labels can degrade reducing the value of the precious bottles of wine.

Household air conditioners cool the air by, in part, removing water from the air. Wine cellar cooling systems also remove water from the air but are designed to remove much less, keeping an ideal humidity level of around 60% relative humidity. Buy a wine cellar air conditioner

Why buy a Friax wine cellar air conditioner?

Friax wine cellar air conditioners are designed with one guiding principle, to create perfect conditions for ageing wine. Once you install a wine cellar cooling unit by Friax you can forget about it and let time do its work. It will be much later when you open a fine wine that you appreciate the mastery of the cellar conditions that allow your wine to flourish.

Located in the heart of the French Alps, Friax strives to be like a fine wine, improving all the time. They are at the cutting edge of wine preservation technology, constantly adapting and investing in research and development to achieve the best protection for your wine collection.

Friax takes care to minimise the impact on the environment. The design process ensures that their wine conditioning units use the most modern and energy-efficient technology and refrigeration systems that reduce the impact on global warming.

How is the wine cellar conditioner installed?

The wine cellar cooler is made up of two parts, an evaporator and a condensing unit. The evaporator is installed on the ceiling or wall of the cellar room. The evaporator can be built into the ceiling or within the cellar furniture so that it is completely unobtrusive and fits seamlessly with the style of your cellar room. The condensing unit is positioned on the outside of the building. The two components are connected via two small copper pipes.

Keep your fine wines at the optimum temperature with our Wine Cellar Conditioners. Our Friax Split Wine Cellar Cooling System protects your wines whilst they reach perfect maturity and stay in peak condition. Explore our Wine Cellar Conditioners below.