Walk In Wine Cellars

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Why invest in a home wine cellar?

Our home wine cellars are the technological equivalent of a traditional underground cellar. Designed for extensive wine collections, our wine rooms recreate the perfect conditions for cellaring wine including consistent temperature, humidity control and protection from harmful light.

How many bottles of wine can a home wine cellar hold?

Our home wine cellars range in capacity from 990 to 4140 bottles based on Bordeaux shape bottles.

For large volume capacity requirements, we propose our Espace Walk-in Self-Contained Wine Cellars.

These self-contained wine rooms are made from aluminium-backed insulated panels which can be assembled in almost any space, garage, outhouse etc. No plumbing or drainage is required.

Available in a variety of sizes, our Home Wine Cellars at Wine Storage Solutions are supplied with wine racking, lighting and a cellar conditioning unit that also has a heating function, to maintain a perfect cellar temperature (12 or 13 Celsius) when the ambient temperature plummets during winter months. Get in touch about your Home Walk-in Wine Cellar today.

If you’re after the ultimate display, our walk in wine cellars can help you to organise your collection in a sophisticated manner. Our Espace collection provides the perfect wine cupboard with capacities ranging from up to 990 bottles to 4140 bottles. 

Our walk in wine cellars feature high quality technology to control temperatures and humidity. To give you the best experience, our wine rooms are built with both heating and cooling functions so that you can display all wines at their optimal temperature in the same place. 

Due to our wine rooms using dual temperature, all units come with a cellar conditioning unit to preserve your collection. This also means that we are able to set up your wine cupboard in any locations that will be safe from weathering. Our wine rooms can be erected inside or in a garage or similar building. 

Each wine room has been carefully crafted using quality insulated panels to ensure longevity. Shelving is included in each of our wine rooms however more shelves can be purchased should you require more space to display your wine collection. 

Our walk in wine rooms are impressive and include delivery, installation and a two year guarantee on all parts and labour. Installation of a wine cupboard is simple and therefore so is taking one down and setting it back up should you ever need to move it. We believe in offering the highest quality service while ensuring that things are made easy for you.