About Us

Wine Storage Solutions Ltd was established in March 2005, to find and develop the perfect temperature and humidity-controlled wine coolers and fridges for my friends’ and my own wine collections.

The brief was simple – quality, reliability and style.

We always had reliability in mind as we had all replaced our own coolers in the past, often much earlier than we would have liked or hoped.

The development of the Vin Garde range’s single-weld refrigeration system has gone a long way to ensuring top performance and excellent longevity.

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Over the years, in response to customer demand, we added to our portfolio the Teca wine display cabinet range which offers models suitable for restaurant use (Professional range) and models adapted to run more quietly, suitable for use in the home (Home range).  The addition of wine racking systems and cellar temperature and humidity controlled systems allowed customers to turn a room or space in their home into the perfect wine cellar.

For large wine collections, we introduced the temperature-controlled, self-contained modular wine cellars Cavispace and Espace which are formed from insulated panels and can be easily assembled just about anywhere. The Espace is fitted with both heating and cooling functions, so can be kept in a garage, barn etc – anywhere which is weatherproof and has a power supply.

To complete our collection we present the unique Wine Wall which is available in either bespoke solid oak racking or with slide-out shelves in columns.

We are proud of our product ranges and passionate about wine storage at home and in the restaurant.  We would encourage you to pay us a visit to see all these models in our showroom in Chipping Norton. Our customers are always saying they look so much better ‘in the flesh’. Our Vin Garde wine cabinets can also be viewed in London (2 locations) and Alderley Edge in Cheshire. Click here to find out more.

If you cannot visit, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your wine storage requirements and we look forward to hearing from you.

Roy Wilson
Managing Director