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Wine Coolers & Wine Fridges

Wine Cabinets for Your Collection

Attractive and reliable large capacity wine coolers and wine fridges with customisable options will preserve your wine perfectly. Superb shelving combinations accommodate various bottle types. The Vin Garde range stands out with its exceptional features to let you store your wine for years or opt for a ready-to-serve dual temperature range.

Superior Storage for Optimal Wine Preservation

Experience advanced storage technology for preserving your valuable wine collection. Our premium wine coolers and wine walls go beyond, offering UV protection and dual-zone cooling for red and white wines, ideal for both home and commercial use.

Wine Coolers to Suit Your Needs

Customise the shelving within your wine cabinet by increasing or reducing the number of display shelves. Bottle capacity ranges from 120 to 176, depending on the number of display shelves, giving you the flexibility to tailor your wine storage according to your requirements.

Expert Delivery Team

You choose the delivery date, giving us 2 working days notice. Our expert two-person delivery team will call you on the day of the delivery when about 1 hour away. Upon their arrival, they will situate your wine cabinet were it needs to go and take away the packaging. Delivery from stock to most locations is available with only 2 working days’ notice to most locations in the UK. Our premium wine coolers come with a full two-year parts and labour warranty as standard.

Highly Customisable Wine Coolers for Homes and Restaurants

Look after your wine collection with our practical and elegant-looking wine coolers, perfect for homes and restaurants. Customise the cooler with size, shelving and colour options. Our wine coolers can showcase collections with a bottle capacity ranging from 120 to 176, in style.

Eco and Noise-Friendly Design for Peaceful Wine Storage

Despite using leading cooling technology, our wine coolers and wine fridges remain eco and noise-friendly. Our tall fridges use low energy consumption and produce minimal noise, with each wine cooler free of vibrations. Our quality wine storage solutions therefore ensure a quiet and peaceful environment for your valuable wines.


Wine Coolers and Fridges FAQs

What is a Wine Cooler?

Our wine coolers and fridges are the top choice for enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Email or give us a call at 01608 645083.

They vary in size, up to 1800mm tall and – if front-venting – can be used either free-standing or built-in. Some wine coolers are also dual zone, meaning they have two compartments with independent temperatures, making them suited to keeping reds, whites and champagnes at their respective perfect serving temperatures.

For instance, you can situate Vin Garde wine fridges in your home such as in your kitchen, pantry, scullery and garage. Each cabinet has a heating function that makes it suitable for use in unheated rooms or garages as you do not want your collection getting anywhere near freezing temperature in winter.

How Long Does White Wine Last in the Fridge?

Once opened, red and white wine can last from 2 up to, exceptionally, 7 days in a regular fridge. The flavour will change as the wine oxidises and often becomes less vibrant with a muted fruit flavour.

What’s the Difference Between a Wine Fridge and a Regular Fridge?

A regular fridge typically has a temperature of around 4°C, while wine fridges’ temperatures range from 5°C up to 22°C, allowing for a variety of uses. Some wine fridges also have dual-zone technology, which means you can have multiple temperatures in the same cabinet to keep different wines at their respective perfect serving temperatures. Our wine coolers and fridges also feature angled shelves, UV-protected glass and carbon filters that help prevent cork degradation, which can cause premature oxidation of wine.

As a matter of fact, customers who have bought our Vin Garde wine coolers praise their practicality and well-made quality.

A Place for Wine and Wine in its Place

An eclectic range of wine coolers combining stunning good looks and excellent wine storage. Large luxury capacity wine fridges offering single and dual zone temperature compartments. Friendly, expert advice.

Shop our range of (little and) large capacity wine fridges, with coolers for various wine bottle capacities. Built-in and freestanding, undercounter and integrated.

Modern wine coolers are a must have in your kitchen to keep your wine cooled and ready. We have a range of various sizes and brands available.

A Wine Cooler of Beauty

Wine Storage Solutions offer different types of wine cooler. From built-in to freestanding and different temperature zones for whatever your needs.

Whether you serve wine in a restaurant, a high-end wine bar or a pub, we have wine coolers in a variety of sizes and dimensions to meet your needs, ensuring it will taste its best for your customers.

Whether you’re a passionate wine connoisseur or a professional in hospitality, our selection of wine coolers provide the ideal wine storage solutions. Browse through our range and discover the perfect blend of bottle-capacity, style and functionality.

Shop now for your ideal wine fridge that combines exceptional design, practicality and wine preservation.

Entertain in Style

For wine lovers, it’s the closest thing to having a real cellar. Entertain in style with our affordable range of quality wine fridges and coolers. Order or enquire online.

At Wine Storage Solutions, we strive to provide more than just a wine fridge. Our cabinets are developed with the optimal storage solution for storing and serving the finest of wines.

Showcase your beautiful labels in aesthetically-pleasing and highly practical wine fridges. Our stunning collection of freestanding and built-in models have numerous options.