Door Options – Full Glass & Stainless Steel

Q. I’m a little confused, I see you have stainless steel wine cabinets and glass door wine cabinets but both appear to have glass doors, what’s the difference between the two and do you sell stainless steel wine cabinets?

A. You are correct that for door options we sell stainless steel glass door cabinets as well as glass door wine cabinets. The body of the cabinet is always black. For the door, there are two options – Full Glass Door and Seamless Stainless Steel Glass Door.

Seamless Stainless Steel Framed Glass Door Wine Cabinets – The majority of the door is still glass but the glass is framed in a seamless stainless steel frame which is approximately 60mm wide.

The full Glass Door Wine Cabinet is how it sounds – The full glass extends over the door frame underneath, producing a highly attractive polished, glossy look which has been described as similar to a high-end mobile phone.