Wine Cabinet Buyers Guide

Wine cabinets are the ideal alternative to a wine rack; store your wine at the perfect temperature.

Store up to 700+ bottles in selected wine cabinets.

Perfect for alternative types of storage and different varieties of wine/champagne.

Wine cabinets are a great alternative to wine racks as a way to store your wine collection. Wine cabinets offer the perfect conditions for both short and long term storage of bottles of wine.

You need to store and serve wine at its best temperature, and wine cabinets make this possible; they help the cooling and ageing of wine. Not only are they functional, but they can also show off your wine bottle collection. Wine cabinets are the perfect addition to any wine room, dining room or kitchen. New, attractive and innovative designs mean that the wine cabinet can be the focal point of the room.

Why use a wine cabinet?

A temperature-controlled wine cabinet is the best solution for storing your wine bottles correctly. Storing wine in a kitchen fridge is not always the best option as fridges are far too cold and often fluctuate in temperature with the fridge door is frequently opened. Unlike fridges, wine cabinets can maintain a constant temperature which offers the perfect environment for your wine.

Wine cabinets also have controlled lighting, plenty of shelving space, heating and cooling functions that are vibration-free and sometimes use a thermal pump for optimal humidity. In addition, most wine cabinets have a fitted temperature warning alarm to let you know if the temperature fluctuates. Wine cabinets are available in various colours and designs, perfect for fitting in with your home décor.

Wine cabinets offer multiple shelving options to cater to your wine bottle collection. You can also choose from a range of wine cabinets, including single temperature wine cabinets, 2 temperature wine cabinets and multi-temperature wine cabinets. Your wine cabinet choice depends on your need for different temperature settings regarding the wine to be stored.

What to consider when selecting a wine cabinet?

Where do you want to store the wine cabinet within your home or restaurant? This will help you choose between a freestanding, built-in or integrated wine cooler.

Consider what you want the wine cabinet to do and bear in mind that all wines , be they red, white or champagne, should be cellared long-term at 12 degrees Celsius. However, if you want the wine within the cabinet to be at perfect serving temperature, you should opt for a dual-temperature model.

How many bottles do you have within your collection that you’re looking to store in the cabinet? This will give you an idea of the bottle capacity to look for.

What are the different types of wine cabinets?

Single temperature wine cabinet

Single temperature wine cabinets are ideal for medium to long-term storage of all types of wine. The wine cabinet maintains one consistent temperature, and this is suitable for the long term storage of wine bottles. It is generally accepted that 12 or 13 degrees Celsius, otherwise known as cellar temperature, is ideal for long-term storage of all wines.  It will provide the ideal temperature for young wines to reach maturity and for older wines to stay in perfect condition.

In addition, a single temperature wine cabinet is ideal for any home or restaurant/bar/hotel.

Single temperature wine cabinets are available in a range of designs and sizes; for instance, they can fit under your kitchen worktop or can stand alone in your dining room. Either way, single temperature wine cabinets look magnificent. The bottle holding capacity varies with each model. Nevertheless, you can feel assured that your wine will benefit from being stored in a single temperature wine cabinet.

2 Temperature wine cabinet

2 temperature wine cabinets are ideal for those who wish to keep their wines at ready-to-serve temperature.   White wine and champagnes are best served at around 7 degrees Celsius, much cooler and you won’t taste a thing, whilst red wines are usually best served at 16 degrees Celsius.

There are two different sections, or compartments, within these cabinets that offer different temperatures and can be set separately. You can set the sections to different temperatures depending on which types of wine bottles you are storing.

Multi-temperature wine cabinet

Multi-temperature wine cabinets offer multiple temperature zones for different wine chilling requirements.  In these cabinets there are no separate compartments.  The refrigeration within the cabinet is set up to provide different temperatures at different heights within the cabinet.  So, depending on the settings, you will find lower temperatures at the bottom, rising to higher temperatures at the top.  This will allow you to keep different types of wine at their respective perfect serving temperatures within the same cabinet.

These wine cabinets are ideal for wine lovers who wish to display their collection and you will often find that LED lighting is used to enhance the visual appeal of the cabinets.

Where is your wine cabinet going?

You’ll need to know where you’re putting your wine cabinet before you purchase it and how much room you have. Then, you can choose from a freestanding unit or a built-in/integrated unit.

Freestanding Wine Cabinets

Freestanding wine cabinets are the most widely available; you’re free to put them anywhere within your home, whether in the kitchen or dining room. It is even possible to keep a wine cabinet in a garage, outhouse or unheated room but it is imperative to check that the cabinet is fitted with a heating function, as well as cooling.  This will ensure that the temperature within the cabinet does not drop below the set temperature when the winter comes and the temperature within the garage drops to just above freezing.

The cabinet capacity can range up to 176 bottles.

Built-in & Integrated Wine Cabinets

You may find that a single-temperature model can be used as a built-in cabinet.  The Vin Garde cabinets are all front-venting, which means they can be built into a kitchen surround.

Fully integrated and built-in wine cabinets have the advantage of being on show or neatly hidden away within the kitchen area. They tend to be slightly more expensive than freestanding cabinets, and because of the restrictions with dimensions, there is a limit on how many bottles they can potentially store. A maximum bottle capacity would be around 60 bottles, so if you’re looking to grow your wine collection, you would be wise to opt for a freestanding unit or be prepared to purchase additional built-in/integrated cabinets.

Do you still need help choosing your wine cabinet? Wineware will be happy to discuss the needs and requirements of your wine cabinet in detail. Also, please feel free to browse the different types of wine cabinets we offer: single temperature, 2 temperature and multi-temperature wine cabinets.