Built in Wine Coolers, Cupboards & Rooms

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Transform the elegance and convenience of your kitchen with a built-in wine cooler from Wine Storage Solutions. We provide a diverse selection of designs to perfectly complement your home’s style.

Experience the impressive features of our built-in wine coolers, including spacious capacities ranging from 120 to 176 bottles, illuminating LED lighting and convenient sliding display shelves. Our coolers are thoughtfully designed to prioritise your comfort to ensure minimal noise for a tranquil ambience.

Choice of Single-temperature or Dual-temperature

You can choose between single temperature and dual temperature controlled units. Single temperature models are ideal for long-term storage as they maintain a consistent temperature for all wine types. Dual temperature units allow you to store different wine types at their respective serving temperatures in separate compartments.


Restaurants often opt for two single temperature units to keep red and white wines at their ideal serving temperatures. Regardless of your choice, our built-in wine coolers are made using high-quality materials for long-lasting performance. For added peace of mind, each cooler comes with a two-year parts and labour guarantee.

When you order from us, we arrange a dedicated 2-person delivery team to set up your built-in wine cooler and take away all the packaging, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Enhance Your Wine Experience with a Built-in Wine Cooler

  • Lower compartment: Ideal for red wine at 17°C
  • Upper compartment: Perfect for white wine and champagne at 9°C
  • Versatile design and capacity: 120 to 176 bottle options
  • Stylish doors: Full glass with black or stainless-steel frame
  • Hinge customisation: Left or right-handed options
  • Unique shelf design: Beechwood facia and slim, robust metal base
  • Secure bottle placement: Mouldings on shelf base
  • Convenient LED lighting: Adjustable levels for ambiance
  • Energy-efficient: B rating, low noise at 39 dB
  • Effortless delivery: Free to most UK locations
  • Expert setup: Two-person team, packaging removal
  • 2-year guarantee: Parts and labour coverage

Explore our wine cabinets for larger storage solutions. Choose from built-in or free-standing, large or tall designs, shallow depth and single or dual-temperature control. Upgrade your wine experience with an exceptional range of cabinets.

For optimal wine presentation and temperature control

The luxury Vin Garde high-quality wine display cabinets are equipped with all sliding shelves from top to bottom, allowing immediate access to all bottles.

The Vin Garde range offers both single temperature and dual-temperature integrated wine coolers, available in various height options. With a combination of sliding horizontal and display shelves, effortlessly store, display, mature and serve a prized wine collection.

All models are front-venting, allowing for flexible installation as either free-standing or built-in within a kitchen or furniture surround.