Dual Zone Temperature Wine Coolers

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Dual temperature wine storage or dual zone wine coolers allow storage and the serving of both red and white wines at their respective ideal temperatures, within the same wine cooler. In the range of dual-temperature wine coolers, there is a variety of sizes and styles. These include free-standing and built-in dual-temperature wine coolers.

Standard glass door with black frame – the glass completely covers the frame, producing an attractive gloss finish.  There is also an option of a glass door with stainless steel frame.

A detail, often overlooked, are the practical features that come as standard with all Vin Garde coolers. For example, the convenience of all-sliding shelves, included at no extra cost. Other manufacturers may charge for additional shelves. Plus, our Vin Garde coolers are equipped with a lock and a carbon filter. These ensure a perfect storage environment and exceptional wine preservation.

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