Oak Wine Racks

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Bolster the visual presence of your wine storage space with wine racks.

And while wine racking plays a vital role in the organisation of a wine collection, it also supplements its physical presence.

Make the most of your storage space with custom contemporary wooden wine storage racks. Inform us of the necessary measurements for a free personalised wine rack design and proposal.

Our guidance can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of Pounds. Often, people embark on wine storage projects without the advantage of sound advice.

Wooden wine rack benefits

A wooden wine rack provides a more traditional feel than alternative styles of wine rack. When you picture a traditional cellar, flush with bottles of wine, they are naturally stored in tall wooden wine racks that are in keeping with the tone of their surroundings.

Wooden wine racks can be designed to suit almost any location. Even if your home does not have a cellar for storing your wine, wooden racks can be placed either in your living room, dining room or kitchen.

Our wine cellar racks are handmade and offer the perfect solution for storing your bottles of wine. Wood is of course a robust, long-lasting material and there is innate stability to well-made wooden racking. Wooden racks are available in various designs and finishes, the oak wine rack is a very popular choice.

Wine Racks: Bespoke, Customised and Cellar Racking

Our skilled carpenters meticulously craft and treat wooden wine racks with Danish oil as standard to create a stunning finish, although other finishes are available. Each detail reflects careful attention to craftsmanship, to ensure your wines are beautifully displayed.

Elegance Meets Functionality

The oak finish of our racks adds a touch of timeless refinement to any home decor, capturing the attention of your guests.

The Perfect Addition to Your Wine Cellar

Effortlessly access your collection while also securely storing it. Purposefully designed these robust structures offer the ideal support for your wine.

Our range of customisable wine racks are the perfect addition to Vin Garde Wine Coolers and Fridges, Espace Walk-in Wine Cellars and Wine Display Cabinets. If you are looking for oak or any other type of wood we have a wide selection on offer.

Custom Wine Storage Solutions

From large cellars designed for commercial use to intimate showcase cellars curated for the discerning homeowner, Wine Storage Solutions is a leader in custom wine racks and cellar cabinetry.