The Transtherm Range of Wine Coolers can be grouped into 3 types;

The temperature in each model can be set to any temperature between 6 – 18 degrees Celsius. Normally the temperature would be set to 12 or 13 degrees Celsius to keep reds and whites at perfect cellar temperature for long-term storage.

However, restaurants may wish to set the temperature to 6 degrees Celsius for white wine/champagne ready to serve or to 17 degrees Celsius for red wine ready to serve.

All single temperature models are fitted with both heating and cooling function, to allow the cabinet to be kept in an unheated room, garage, outhouse etc.
The 3 models in the 1-temperature range are; Ermitage, Manoir and Loft.

There is only one model in the 3-tempeature range, model Castel. It is designed with 3 different temperature zones;

The Castel allows you to keep some reds and whites at ready to serve whilst the large central compartment replicates those conditions found in a traditional underground wine cellar for long-term storage of both red and white wines at 12 degrees Celsius.
The upper compartment is at 17 degrees Celsius to keep up to 11 reds ready to serve.
The lower compartment is at 7 degrees Celsius for whites/champagnes ready to serve.
The large central area is at 12 degrees Celsius for long-term storage of both reds and whites.

There is only 1 model in the multi-temperature range, model Reserve.

It is designed to keep all different types of wine at ready to serve temperatures within one cabinet. The temperature is 7 degrees Celsius at the bottom, rising in equal steps to 17 degrees Celsius at the top.
Thus, whites and champagnes can be stored in the lower shelves, reds in the upper shelves and rose wines in the middle – all at perfect serving temperatures.

The multi-temperature model Reserve is not suitable for use in an area where the ambient temperature is likely to fall below 12 degrees Celsius, e.g garage, outhouse as it is not equipped with a heating function.