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What is the difference between a wine fridge and an ordinary fridge?

Transtherm Castel

Wine fridge v Ordinary fridge Here at Wine Storage Solutions Ltd, we are often asked questions such as; “What is the difference between a Wine Fridge and an ordinary fridge?” “Why buy a wine storage cabinet, rather than an ordinary fridge?” “Why are wine fridges more expensive that standard fridges?” “Why not just keep wine […]

Single temperature wine cabinets or multi temperature wine cabinets?

Transtherm Reserve

Transtherm wine storage cabinets from Groupe Eurocave of France are available in 3 different formats – Single temperature, 3-temperature and multi-temperature and customers sometimes cannot decide which best suits their requirements. It is a common misconception that different types of wine should be cellared at different temperatures – not so. All wines should be cellared […]

Friax Cellar Conditioners Friax Wine Cellar Conditioning Systems

Friax Split System

Almost any space can be converted into a wine cellar to ensure your prized vintages reach perfect maturity and stay in peak condition. Friax split-systems provide perfect temperature and humidity. Normally a cellar should be insulated to around 60mm all around but where this is not possible we can incorporate more powerful systems to compensate. […]