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Note: All Vin Garde models are also available with framed stainless steel Glass doors

Wine Display Cabinets – Illuminated Wine Display Cabinets

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Our unique collection of temperature-controlled, illuminated wine display cabinets allows you to showcase your wine collection without compromising the conditions in which the wine is kept. The Wine Wall models are assembled from insulated panels, which means they can be installed in almost any location.

Large Capacity Vin Garde Freestanding Wine Cabinets

Note: All Vin Garde models are also available with framed stainless steel Glass doors

Volnay Tall Wine Coolers for the home
The Volnay
Single Temperature Wine Cabinet

H1810 x W595 x D688mm
Capacity: 168 bottles*
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Vin Garde Pommard Freestanding Wine Cabinets
The Pommard
Dual Temperature Wine Cabinet

H1810 x W595 x D688mm
Bottles Capacity – 160*
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Oxfordshire Wine Storage Showroom Wine Storage Solutions are UK specialists in serving private collectors and catering professionals since 2005.

Store. Serve. Showcase. Whatever your plans for your wine collection, Wine Storage Solutions is ready to help.

We have storage solutions from 79 – 4000+ bottles, including traditional temperature controlled wine cabinets, three ranges of wine racks, cellar conditioning equipment, insulated cellar doors, walk-in wine cellars and illuminated and temperature controlled glass fronted wine displays.

If you are looking to convert a room in your home into a temperature controlled wine cellar, we have the best equipment to meet your specific requirements and would be pleased to advise.

Call us today or Visit Our Oxfordshire Wine Storage Showroom for expert advice on choosing and installing the perfect wine storage for you.

Visit Our Oxfordshire Wine Storage Showroom to see a range of wine storage cabinets, and wine display cabinets

Our free-standing wine cabinets are an ideal alternative when you are restricted for space

Our Illuminated wine display cabinets are the ideal solution for restaurants, hotels or individuals who like to showcase their wine collections.

Your wine collection is a statement – so make it the centrepiece in your home. Wine Storage Solutions can help you find the ideal wine storage cabinets or wine display cabinet, to both showcase your fine wines and keep them safely stored with flexible temperature control.

Our luxury glass fronted wine display cabinet range includes the finest models by the industry’s most revered brands, from Teca Vino’s exquisite illuminated all-glass wine cabinets to the sleek modernity of the Brera Wine Library. And for a truly breathtaking display in your home, restaurant or high-end hotel, our unique Wine Walls, with options in either solid oak or in standard racking with sliding shelves on rollers.

Wine Storage Solutions ~ Home Wine Cabinets

Wine Storage Solutions Ltd was established in March 2005 as the sole UK distributor of the Transtherm range of temperature and humidity controlled wine cabinets, manufactured by Groupe Eurocave of France.

We have since added a wide range of wine display cabinets to our portfolio that are ideal for not only storing your wine collection but for showcasing it too.

Wine Coolers, Wine Fridges or Wine Storage Cabinets – whatever term you use, Transtherm wine coolers create the perfect environment for your wines. Transtherm free standing luxury wine coolers have been manufactured by Groupe Eurocave of France for over 30 years. We have 3 types of wine coolers; single temperature, 3 temperature and multi-temperature.

Large Capacity Transtherm Wine Coolers

Freestanding Wine Cabinet

Transtherm Wine Cabinets

Transtherm Single temperature luxury wine storage cabinet models replicate those conditions found in a traditional underground wine cellar – steady temperature of 12 or 13 degrees Celsius, vibration free and humidity provision to prevent the corks drying out.

Temperatures can be adjusted to keep all bottles at serving temperature (6 degrees Celsius for whites/champagnes, 17 degrees Celsius for reds).

All single temperature models are fitted with both cooling and heating functions, making them suitable for location year-round in any weatherproof location which has a power supply.

There are 3 sizes of models in the single temperature Transtherm Wine Cabinet range – Ermitage (large), Manoir (medium) and Loft (smallest).

Models Ermitage and Manoir can be supplied with options of solid or glass door, all sliding shelves (type ‘C’ shelving) or a mixture of storage and sliding shelves (type ‘M’ shelving), black or brushed aluminium door frame, colour option Black or Tobacco.

All models are equipped with lighting (on/off/on when door opened) and temperature & humidity warning alarms as standard.

Transtherm cabinets are made by Groupe Eurocave of France – a world leader in wine storage cabinets.

Please note: These are luxury wine coolers and should not be mistaken for the budget models you see elsewhere. When storing wine it is important that temperatures do not drop too low, are consistent and humidity is controlled as well as temperature.

If you wish to see any of our products you are welcome to visit our Wine Cabinets Showroom in Chipping Norton, for information about any of our products please get in touch – by phone, email, online chat or contact form – we are happy to help.

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