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Wine Storage Cabinets or Wine Coolers

New for 2019 A new range of Vin Garde Wine Coolers supplied exclusively to the UK from Wine Storage Solutions Ltd.

We quite often get asked;
What is the difference between a wine cooler and a wine cabinet?

To which our reply is;
Different people use different terminologies for very similar products.

On the Wine Storage Solutions website we have two sections Wine Coolers and Wine Cabinets which we strongly recommend that people view both so as not to miss seeing the perfect solution for them.

How does Wine Storage Solution distinguish between wine coolers and wine cabinets

The main difference is the size and the intended use.

What are Wine Coolers?

Most of our wine coolers are a similar size to a household fridge and are predominantly used in the home by wine enthusiasts for storing wine in cellar like conditions. The most common configuration allows bottles to be stalled horizontally either on convenient slide out shelves or in larger capacity storage shelves.

Not only are our wine coolers designed for long term wine storage, we also have 2 temperature models and multi temperature models that have separate sections within them so that the bulk of your wine is stored in cellar like conditions but you also have the option of keeping some bottles in a near ready to serve condition (both whites and reds).

For those who not only like to store your wines in optimum conditions but also like to showcase your wines too, our wine coolers are available with exquisite glass door options and LED lighting.

It is the glass door and LED lighting that sometimes causes confusion between what we class as wine coolers and Wine Display Cabinets

What are Wine Cabinets?

A better question may be “What are Wine Display Cabinets” as most of the wine cabinets on this website are used not only for storing wine but also for displaying it.

The Wine Cabinets on our website tend to be larger than the wine coolers but not as large as our Walk-in Wine Cellars, they also tend to be used more for showcasing wine collections, either by wine enthusiasts in larger homes or by restaurants and hotels.

Most wine display cabinets have options for not only storing wine horizontally but also vertically or in some cases angled so as to display your wine collection.

Wine cabinets are temperature and humidity controlled as well as the smaller self contained wine coolers but due to their size tend to require a larger conditioning unit that is built in to the housing.

Where the different terminology causes problems is that some people may be searching for a wine cabinet when they should really be looking at our wine coolers and other people searching for wine coolers when they should really be looking at our wine cabinets.

For this reason we strongly recommend you look in both sections.

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