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What is the Difference Between a Wine Fridge and an Ordinary Fridge

Here at Wine Storage Solutions Ltd, we are often asked questions such as;

“What is the difference between a Wine Fridge and an ordinary fridge?”

“Why buy a wine storage cabinet, rather than an ordinary fridge?”

“Why are wine fridges more expensive than standard fridges?”

“Why not just keep wine in a normal fridge rather than a wine fridge?”

Transtherm wine storage cabinets, manufactured by Groupe Eurocave of France for over 30 years, have been designed to perfectly replicate those conditions found in a traditional wine cellar – steady 12 degrees Celsius temperature, humidity 50 – 80%, dark and vibration-free.

Steady temperature
Fluctuation in temperature is wine’s worst enemy. Our cabinets maintain 12 degrees throughout (set temperature can be adjusted between 6 – 18 degrees Celsius), which is perfect for storing reds and whites long-term. There is even a heating function which ensures that the temperature remains steady at 12 degrees even if the cabinet is located in a garage or outhouse during winter months. Beware of some manufacturers who claim to employ a “Winter function” which is no more than a device to prevent the compressor from freezing.


The thermal pump design used in Transtherm cabinets ensures that humidity is kept between 50 – 80% to ensure that the corks don’t dry out. As fresh air is introduced into the cabinet when the door is open, the moisture in the air meets the cooling plate at the rear of the cabinet. When the compressor cycle ends, the moisture falls as small water droplets and any excess is channelled through the cabinet and evaporated using the heat from the compressor. Thus a healthy humidity level is maintained within the cabinet.

Transtherm cabinets are available in solid door and glass door options. Glass doors are now more popular than ever. The glass doors are UV-protected to ensure that no harmful sunlight will damage the wines within.

The compressor is mounted on rubber shocks to prevent any vibration passing through to the cabinet. The sliding racks are mounted on rollers, creating hardly any friction and can be slid in and out with just one finger.

Transtherm wine cabinets are the most competitively priced high quality wine cabinets on the market today.

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