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The Best Wine Cabinets for Storing Wine at Home

We are quite often asked what the difference is between the cheaper, budget range wine cabinets seen on on numerous websites and the wine cabinets that Wine Storage Solutions provide.

The clue is in our name “Storage” – cheaper, budget wine cabinets are fine for keeping a few bottles in that you will be drinking soon buy if you require a cabinet for storing wine at home then you really need to look at the better wine storage cabinets or walk in wine cellars.

Wine should be stored at approximately a steady 12 degrees, humidity should be kept between 50 – 80%, out of harmful sunlight and in a vibration free environment.

If you do not have an underground wine cellar you can replicate the ideal cellar conditions with modular walk in cellars or with a high quality temperature and humidity controlled wine cooler, wine fridge or wine cabinet.

These specialist wine coolers and wine cabinets should not be mistaken for cheaper models now advertised in numerous places as they are often not designed for long term wine storage.

Established in 2005, Wine Storage Solutions Ltd offers a range of wine storage equipment dedicated to creating ideal conditions for the storage and serving of fine wines.

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