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How to Create a Wine Room at Home

Before you create a home wine room you need to decide what is the main purpose of it.

  • Is your priority to create a functional wine room in your home for long term wine storage in cellar like conditions.
  • Is your priority to create an aesthetically pleasing wine room in your home for displaying and showcasing your wine collection.
  • Do you want a combination of both, where your wine collection is stored in cellar like conditions but is also on display with some bottles at a near serving condition.

Whatever type of wine room you are creating the fundamentals are the same

What to look out for when creating a home wine room

Perhaps you’ve always dreamt of creating your own wine room at home – but have never gone ahead because your home doesn’t support the delicate temperature and humidity levels required to keep wine at its best.

What you might not realise is that by using wine cellar cooling equipment – alongside insulating material and insulated cellar doors – any space can be transformed into a professional wine room in your home.

Functional Modular Self Contained Wine Rooms

For large volume capacity requirements we propose our Espace Walk-in Wine Room and Cavispace Walk-in Wine Room. These self-contained wine rooms are made from aluminium-backed insulated panels which can be assembled in almost any space. A Monobloc cellar conditioner regulates the temperature to 12 or 13 degrees Celsius – ideal cellar temperature for storing reds and whites long-term. No plumbing or drainage is required, only a 13-amp power supply. Capacity from 600 – 4140 bottles.

Espace Walk-in Wine Room
Espace Home Wine Room
A revolutionary self-contained wine room for the home, the Espace walk in wine room is supplied with wine racking, lighting and a cellar conditioning unit which has both heating and cooling functions. This makes it suitable for installation in any weatherproof location with a normal domestic power supply (eg. garage, outhouse).

Cavispace Walk-in Wine Room
Cavispace Walk in Wine rooms for the home
With sturdy construction, lighting and practical shelving for up to 600 bottles/24 cases, it’s easy to keep your wine organised. Plus, as the Cavispace is supplied with a self-contained Koolspace monobloc cellar cooler, no drainage, pipework or water supply is required to safeguard your special bottles for long-term storage.

Home Wine Rooms for Storing and Displaying Wine

The Wine Wall is an elegant and eye-catching glass-fronted, illuminated, temperature-controlled wine display cabinet and is available in standard racking or bespoke solid oak racking options. The cooling unit above is concealed by a decorative screen to the front and sides.

The Wine Wall models are assembled from insulated panels, which means they can be installed in almost any location and make ideal wine rooms.

Not only a flagship feature for any luxury location, the Wine Wall is also a heavyweight option for wine storage, with temperature control performed via the cooling unit concealed behind a decorative screen.

Constructing Home Wine Rooms

If the modular wine room or wine display cabinet are not to your liking we can partition of a section of your room, insulate the walls, provide insulated doors, conditioning equipment, etc. and construct a completely bespoke wine room in your home

Please contact us for further information.

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