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Choosing The Model Type

Single temperature models Volnay, Meursault and Baubigny are designed to replicate those conditions found inside a traditional underground wine cellar – steady 12 or 13 degrees Celsius temperature, perfect to allow young wines to mature and to keep older wines in perfect condition. Humidity will vary from around 50 – 80% depending on the time of year.

Dual temperature models Pommard, Beaune and Evelle are designed to keep the wines at perfect serving temperatures. The upper compartment for whites and champagnes, the lower compartment for reds.


All Vin Garde cabinets are built with longevity in mind, which is why the refrigeration system has been cleverly designed with only one welding point, not the normal 3 found in most other wine cabinet designs. This greatly reduces the risk of a gas leak from the system, which is often the cause of wine cabinet failures. Copper piping is used in the evaporator to prevent any risk of corrosion which commonly find with the aluminium piping used in most other brands.


We have taken great care to ensure that most bottle types, including Burgundy shaped bottles, will fit on all the shelving – sliding horizontal and sliding display shelves. In many other wine cabinet designs, you will find that it is impossible to properly fit bottle shapes other than Bordeaux. Champagne bottles do not have a uniform size. Whilst most champagne bottles fit on our shelves, some marques are extremely thick and for these outsized bottles you can store at the very bottom or remove the shelf above.

The shelves have a metal base, 1mm thick, with moulded grooves to keep the bottles in place. The front of the shelf is in handsome beech wood and incorporates a little slot at the front to allow you insert a label card, if you wish. The use of metal provides a robust yet slim shelf and allows us to fit many more shelves within the cabinet, thereby greatly increasing the bottle capacity of each cabinet.

Low Noise – Low Energy Consumption

All Vin Garde models are fitted with compressors which run very quietly at 39 Db. Energy consumption is as follows:-

Volnay: 0.593 kilowatts per 24 hours/216.45 per annum.
Meursault: 0.556 kilowatts per 24 hours/202.94 per annum.
Baubigny: 0.319 kilowatts per 24 hours/125.56 per annum.
Pommard: 0.583 kilowatts per 24 hours/212.80 per annum.
Beaune: 0.569 kilowatts per 24 hours/207.69 per annum.
Evelle: 0.344 kilowatts per 24 hours/125.56 per annum.

Build-In or Freestanding

All Vin Garde cabinets are front-venting and as such can be installed against a wall at the rear. No need to leave space for ventilation, as with most other brands. They can be built into a fitted kitchen but please note the following important points:-

When opening the door through 45 degrees the width increases by 12mm, so you must allow for this on the hinge side. Also, the full glass door models have the handle recessed into the side of the door. Therefore, with this model you should leave sufficient space for your fingers to reach into the recessed handle. We suggest 20mm gap on the side opposite the hinge. The stainless steel glass door model has a handle, so no need for a gap on the side opposite the hinge.

Heating and Cooling Function

All Vin Garde models can be used in any weatherproof location which has a power supply – a garage, barn, outhouse etc. In winter the heating function will come on automatically to ensure that the temperature inside remains at the set temperature.

Operating Temperatures

The cabinets can function in any temperature within the range of 0 – 35 degrees Celsius


All Vin Garde cabinets are guaranteed for 2 years, parts and labour.

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