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Tips on Buying a Wine Cooler

If you are considering buying a wine cooler and would like to know which model will best serve your needs, these tips should help you buy the right one (And don’t lose sight of the fact that we are only a phone call away and would be pleased to help).

  1. What size of Wine Cooler?
    • There is no point looking at large 4000+ bottle capacity wine coolers if you are planning on displaying your wine cooler in your dining room – Think 1st about where your wine cooler will go before searching for one
  2. What is your wine cooler going to be used for?
    • There are 2 types of cabinet
      – single temperature cabinets which are designed to keep both reds and whites at perfect cellar temperature (12 or 13 degrees Celsius). At this temperature the wines will mature beautifully over time and once they reach maturity will stay in perfect condition for some years (exactly how many years depends on several factors – the type and age of the vine, the terroir in which it was located, the way the wine was made, the wine maker’s skills and the vintage in which it was made. There are 3 sizes of Vin Garde single-temperature wine coolers
      – dual temperature cabinets, with upper and lower compartments, which are designed to keep the wines at serving temperature, usually around 7 degrees for the whites and champagnes and 17 degrees for the reds. There are 3 sizes of Vin Garde dual-temperature wine coolers.
  3. Where in your home will you locate your wine cooler ?
    • Will your wine cooler be freestanding, built-in to kitchen units, kept in an unheated room – garage or outhouse etc? – There are numerous types of wine cooler, where you plan on locating yours can be a deciding factor on which model of wine cooler to choose. Vin Garde cabinets ventilate to the front, so can be built-in to kitchen furniture but you must note that the unit’s dimensions will not allow fitting into a standard 60 x 60 cm kitchen. Check our technical information
  4. How many bottles of wine do you require your wine cooler to hold?
    • Assuming you have already decided on how much room you have for your wine cooler you should now decide what bottle capacity you require – With the large Volnay wine cooler there are 3 different shelving options which give a bottle capacity ranging from 120 to 176 bottles in the same size of cabinet – The bottle capacity depends on whether you go for standar horizontal shelf options, display shelf options or a combination of both.
  5. Wine coolers with Heating and cooling functions
    • For many people, the most convenient place to locate their wine cooler is in the garage or an unheated outhouse. you must take into account that, during winter months, the temperature in these areas will drop to just above freezing at various points during the winter and will generally be well below the set temperature for many months. It is essential to choose a wine cooler which has a proper heating function which will automatically, gently, heat the inside of the wine cabinet to maintain the set temperature. All Vin Garde cabinets are equipped with both cooling and heating functions.
  6. Humidity controlled Wine Coolers
    • Although humidity is important for wine storage, the UK is actually a very humid country and attaining the correct level of humidity is not normally a problem, unless abnormal conditions are present, such as a powerful air conditioning system which removes all moisture from the room. We supply the single temperature models with a humidity box which contains clay balls. By adding water to the box and placing it inside the cabinet, the humidity levels will be increased. Note that it is not normally necessary to use this.
  7. Vibration-free and quiet-running wine cooler
    • It is important that your wine is kept as still as possible and that your wine cabinet does not announce its presence each time you enter the room. Ensure you buy a vibration-free, low-decibel wine cooler. Vin Garde cabinet compressors are mounted on rubber shocks and the noise emissions are a very comfortable 39 dB.
  8. Wine Cooler

    If you have any other questions about storing wine in home wine coolers – Ask Our Wine Storage Expert

    2 Replies to “Tips on Buying a Wine Cooler”

    1. I am thinking of either Pommard or Volnay. I have a space in a study that would take this size for height and depth. The full width I have available is 70cms. Will that be sufficient when opening the door etc.?

      The house has underfloor heating, and the wine cooler will be standing on carpet. Should I be aware fo anything in particular in this environment? NB The study underfloor heating tends not to be too efficient in the winter due to the carpet so the room is never overly heated.

      1. Hello Roy, the cabinets have a width of 595mm and you need to leave some space to allow the extra width (12mm) when you open the door, also to allow your fingers to get into the recessed handle of the full glass door model option (allow 20mm each side), so 70cm is more than enough space. Please call on 01608 645083 to discuss.
        Roy Wilson

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