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Should Red and White Wine Be Stored Separately

“When storing red and white wine is there any need to keep all the reds together and all the whites together?”

All wines – red, white, champagne, should be cellared at 12 or 13 degrees Celsius. This allows the wine to reach perfect maturity and once matured to stay in tip-top condition. So you can keep all types of wine in the same place at the same temperature.

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Espace Walk-in Wine Cellar
Espace Walk in Wine Cellar
A revolutionary self-contained wine room, the Espace walk in wine cellar is supplied with wine racking, lighting and a cellar conditioning unit which has both heating and cooling functions. This makes it suitable for installation in any weatherproof location with a normal domestic power supply (eg. garage, outhouse).

Cavispace Walk-in Wine Cellar
Cavispace Walk in Wine Cellar
With sturdy construction, lighting and practical shelving for up to 600 bottles/24 cases, it’s easy to keep your wine organised. Plus, as the Cavispace is supplied with a self-contained Koolspace monobloc cellar cooler, no drainage, pipework or water supply is required to safeguard your special bottles for long-term storage.

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