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Large Wine Cabinets

New for 2019 A new range of Vin Garde Wine Coolers supplied exclusively to the UK from Wine Storage Solutions Ltd.

Large Capacity Wine Cabinets by Vin Garde

There has been a glut of small, cheap wine cabinets flooding the UK market recently which are OK if you want to keep a dozen for so bottles of wine in the kitchen for weekly consumption but are not really suitable for longer term wine storage or for the wine enthusiast with a nice collection of wine but no space for a wine room or self contained wine cellar.

To solve that problem Wine Storage Solutions have a range of Large Wine Cabinets that are still compact enough for those storing wine at home.

These larger capacity wine storage cabinets can store up to 170 bottles but are no larger than your average upright fridge freezer.

Note: All Vin Garde models are also available with framed stainless steel Glass doors

Volnay Tall Wine Cabinets
The Volnay
Single Temperature Wine Cooler

H1800 x W595 x D688mm
Capacity: 168 bottles*
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Large Wine Cabinets
The Pommard
Dual Temperature Wine Cooler

H1800 x W595 x D688mm
Bottles Capacity – 160*
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