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Single Temperature Wine Cabinets

Available in three sizes with multiple shelving configurations and a choice of either Black or Tobacco colour options. The frame of the glass door can be either black or brushed aluminium.

Single Temperature Wine Cabinet
Transtherm Ermitage Wine Cabinet

Available with 2 shelf configurations, the Type C can store up to 196 bottles and the Type M can store up to 234 bottles.

Single Temperature Wine Cooler
Transtherm Manoir Wine Cabinet

Available with 2 shelf configurations, the Type C can store up to 144 bottles and the Type M can store up to 177 bottles.

Single Temperature Wine Fridge
Transtherm Loft Wine Cabinet

Available with just the one shelf configuration, The Loft is more compact and has a capacity to store up to 77 bottles.

Transtherm Single temperature wine storage cabinet models replicate those conditions found in a traditional underground wine cellar – steady temperature of 12 or 13 degrees Celsius, vibration free and humidity provision to prevent the corks drying out.

Temperatures can be adjusted to keep all bottles at serving temperature (6 degrees Celsius for whites/champagnes, 17 degrees Celsius for reds).

All single temperature models are fitted with both cooling and heating functions, making them suitable for location year-round in any weatherproof location which has a power supply.

There are 3 sizes of models in the single temperature Transtherm Wine Cooler range – Ermitage (large), Manoir (medium) and Loft (smallest).

Models Ermitage and Manoir can be supplied with options of solid or glass door, all sliding shelves (type ‘C’ shelving) or a mixture of storage and sliding shelves (type ‘M’ shelving), black or brushed aluminium door frame, colour option Black or Tobacco.

All models are equipped with lighting (on/off/on when door opened) and temperature & humidity warning alarms as standard.

Transtherm cabinets are made by Groupe Eurocave of France – a world leader in wine storage cabinets.

Eurocave Wine Coolers
“Origine France” label

Awarded on June 8, 2012, EuroCave Group is the only wine cabinet manufacturer to have obtained the coveted “Origine France Garantie” label.

Door and Finish Options
Our Transtherm wine coolers are available in either Black or Tobacco colour options. The frame of the glass door can be either black or brushed aluminium. The door handle is optional and the door can be either right or left hinged. Solid Door options are also available.

Wine Cooler
Wine Cabinet
Wine Fridge
Wine Storage Cabimet
Wine Coolers
Freestanding Wine Cooler

Shelving Options
Transtherm wine coolers are equipped with sliding shelves which glide in and out on rollers at the touch of a finger. Each sliding shelf holds 13 Bordeaux shaped bottles, 12 standard Rhone/Burgundy bottles or up to 10 champagne bottles – (Please see individual models for number of shelves).

Wine Shelving
Wine Storage Shelving
Wine Cooler Shelving

Wine Cabinet ShelvingWine Storage Shelf Option.

The storage shelf holds up to 6 layers of bottles – up to 72 bottles per shelf and does not slide out. Note that in order to access the bottles in the lower layers, you must first remove the layers of bottles above.

The storage shelf allows those with many bottles of the same type, or bottles which need to mature for some years, to maximise the storage capacity of their cabinet – (Please see individual models for number of shelves).

Control Panel

The control panel allows you to quickly and easily set the temperature (factory pre-set to 12 degrees Celsius) to any temperature between 6 – 18 degrees Celsius. Therefore you can set the temperature to cellar temperature (12 degrees Celsius) to keep reds and whites long-term, or to 6 degrees to keep white wines and champagnes at ready-to-serve temperature or 17 degrees to keep reds at ready-to-serve temperature.

The control panel also allows you to set the lighting (permanently on, permanently off or on when the door is opened)

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