Wine Storage Solutions Wine Cabinets

Shelving Options

Transtherm wine coolers are equipped with sliding shelves which glide in and out on rollers at the touch of a finger. Each sliding shelf holds 13 Bordeaux shaped bottles, 12 standard Rhone/Burgundy bottles or up to 10 champagne bottles – (Please see individual models for number of shelves).

Sliding shelf holding 13 Bordeaux shaped bottles
Wine Shelving

Sliding shelf holding 12 Burgundy/Rhone bottles
Wine Storage Shelving

Sliding shelf holding 10 Champagne bottles
Wine Cooler Shelving

The storage shelf holing up to 72 bottles per shelf
Wine Cabinet Shelving

The storage shelf holds up to 6 layers of bottles – up to 72 bottles per shelf and does not slide out. Note that in order to access the bottles in the lower layers, you must first remove the layers of bottles above.

The storage shelf allows those with many bottles of the same type, or bottles which need to mature for some years, to maximise the storage capacity of their cabinet – (Please see individual models for number of shelves).

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