Climadiff Classique 1/60 Half Shelf


Suitable for the following units:

  • Climadiff PCLV250
  • Climadiff PCLP250
  • Climadiff PCLV205
  • Climadiff PCLP205
  • Climadiff PCLV160
  • Climadiff PCLP160
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Overview of the Climadiff Classique 1/60 Half Shelf


Please be aware that the shelves will be dispatched through the standard postal network in an unassembled state directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse.


Kindly note that shelves may experience stock shortages as manufacturers maintain limited inventory and they are categorised as non-stock items for EWR. We recommend contact us before placing an order to verify current stock availability.

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Climadiff Classique 1/60 Half Shelf



Note, the shelves will be delivered via the normal postal network, unassembled direct from manufacturers warehouse in France.


Shelves can be out of stock as manufacturers hold less stock of these and they are a non stock item for EWR – We advise contacting us before ordering to check stock levels.