Cavicase Standard Wine Rack


The highly versatile Cavicase wine racking system comprises of 3 different elements:-

  1. Standard element for stacking up to 72 bottles.
  2. Case rack for 3 cases on slide-out shelves.
  3. Sliding bottle shelf for 36 bottles on 6 sliding shelves.

The case rack shelves and sliding bottle shelves are mounted on rollers which allow them to glide in and out at the touch of a finger.

The unique design allows one element of any type to be mounted on top of another, up to 3 elements high, to form a robust racking system.  Only the uppermost element should be secured to prevent the unlikely event of it being pulled forward.

Each element is easily assembled in just a few minutes.

Delivery is normally 1 – 2 weeks.  Please note that delivery is to the door only.  Minimum order of 4 racks per order.

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