Wine Cabinets

A wine cabinet is designed specifically for those with an extensive wine collection. They offer the perfect conditions for short and long term storage of bottles of wine. Wine cabinets enable you to store and serve wine at the perfect temperature, as well as helping to age your wine.

Your wine collection is a statement – so make it the centrepiece in your home, hotel or restaurant. Wine Storage Solutions can help you find the perfect Wine Cabinet to both showcase your fine wines and keep them safely temperature controlled.

We have a wide selection of wine display cabinets for both home and restaurant as well as beautiful oak wine cabinets. We encourage our customers to contact us to discuss the numerous options available to tailor their requirements, helping you find the perfect Wine Cabinet.

If your collection requires something larger, explore our range of Walk-in Wine Cellars.

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Why invest in a wine cabinet?

Wine cabinets are designed to either create similar conditions to those that you would find in a traditional wine cellar or to keep the wines at perfect serving temperatures. They are designed to store and display your wine collection, providing a protected environment for your wine to mature as well as enabling you to serve wine at the right temperature. A wine cabinet holds the storage temperature of the wine constant as well as eliminating odours, preventing vibrations, controlling the light and providing optimal humidity so that the wine ages and improves over time.

What are the different types of wine cabinet?

Broadly speaking there are three types of wine cabinet, single temperature, dual temperature and multi-temperature wine cabinets. Many of the latest models are multi-functional, which means you can use them as a single temperature, dual or multi-temperature cabinet:

Single temperature wine cabinet - Single temperature wine cabinets are designed for the long-term storage of wine. The temperature and relative humidity are kept constant, allowing you to age your wine until it reaches its prime and once at its prime to keep it in optimal long-term storage conditions. The recommended storage temperature for all types of wine is 12 degrees.

Dual temperature wine cabinet - Dual temperature wine display cabinets have two sections with different temperatures. You can set the sections to different temperatures depending on the types of wine bottles you are storing and how long you are storing them. Normally reds serve best at around 17C and whites/champagnes around 6C.

Multi-temperature wine cabinet - Modern multi-temperature wine display cabinets are designed to enable owners to display and serve wine. The temperature range within the cabinet can be adjusted by manipulating the controls and fan settings to permit a variety of temperature outcomes within the cabinet.  For example, you can set the temperature to be at 5 degrees at the bottom, rising gradually to 12 degrees at the top, or 15 degrees at the bottom rising gradually to 17 degrees at the top.  This allows a great deal of flexibility as to how you use the cabinet.

What are the different styles of wine cabinet?

The style of wine cabinet that you choose will depend on where you plan to store your wine and how much space you have. Choose between freestanding, built-in/integrated cabinets.

Freestanding Wine Cabinets - A freestanding wine cabinet can be placed virtually anywhere that there is access to power. They are an incredibly flexible option that allows them to be placed in any room with enough space to allow enough ventilation.

Built-in wine cabinets - Built-in or integrated wine cabinets can be discreetly installed in a kitchen, cupboard space or any kind of recess. Ventilation is created by fans fitted in the rear, underside or front of the cabinet, depending on the make/model.

How many bottles can a wine cabinet hold?

We stock a wide selection of wine cabinet sizes, allowing you to store between 60 - 748 bottles depending on the size of your wine collection.

- The Teca range models hold between 60 - 120 bottles

- Vin Garde models can accommodate up to 176 bottles

- Wine Walls can hold up to 748 bottles

What is a wine wall?

A wine wall is a modular system of wine cabinets that allows you to configure the size of the wine wall according to the space in your home, restaurant or hotel. They can be fitted with a solid rear wall if positioned against a wall or there are options for wine walls with sliding glass doors to both front and rear, with glass panel sides, giving a 360 degree walk-around wine display.

Should red and white wine be stored separately?

All wines – red, white, champagne, should be cellared at 12 or 13 degrees Celsius. This allows the wine to reach perfect maturity and once matured to stay in tip-top condition. So you can keep all types of wine in the same wine cabinet at the same temperature.

Is it appropriate to store vintage port in a wine fridge?

Yes, the Vin Garde wine fridges provide the perfect environment for keeping all types of wine, including fortified wines. All should be stored long-term at cellar temperature, 12 or 13 degrees Celsius.

Further to this, you may find this recent review we received interesting, as it is from a customer who required a wine cabinet for storing Port.

“We are very pleased with the Baubigny cabinet that we ordered from you and it is now occupying pride of place in our kitchen. I’m delighted to say that the Port bottles it was bought to store do fit properly onto all of the shelves, and the cabinet is proving ideal for purposes; so much so that I’m afraid I may have to buy even more in order to fill the empty spaces! Hopefully, it will spark a conversation or two over the coming months and I will be able to recommend you to friends as a result.”