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If your wine collection is growing and you need a suitable storage solution, a wine cabinet is the answer you’re looking for.

Choose from our large and extensive range of competitively priced wine coolers, fridges and wine display cabinets. With these options, you can concentrate on the more enjoyable task of broadening your collection, knowing that the wines you store will age undisturbed.

Why invest in a wine fridge?

A wine fridge, also known as a wine cooler, is specially designed to store wine at the ideal temperature. If you are interested in wine and take the time to explore different varieties, then storing them in a wine fridge will allow you to experience them at their best. Serving wine from a wine fridge allows you to enjoy different types of wine and experience the release of flavours and aromas that occurs when a wine is served at the correct temperature.

Standard fridges are too cold for a bottle of wine to be stored appropriately. Wine is a delicate drink that can be harmed by exposure to the wrong conditions. Not only is the temperature of the typical fridge too cold to store wine in general, but it's also the wrong temperature to serve white wine which means removing it from the fridge before serving to give it time to warm up properly. Plus the shelving is mainly set up to store food whereas a wine fridge is laid out to store, display and serve wine.

What’s the difference between a wine cooler and a wine fridge?

The terms wine fridge and wine cooler are often used interchangeably - they are essentially the same thing. A wine cooler can be used for medium to long term storage in order to mature your wine (single temperature wine fridge) or to store and serve different types of wines at their respective ideal temperatures (dual temperature wine fridge).

What are the different types of wine fridge?

Freestanding wine fridge - Traditionally, freestanding wine fridges were made to be stand-alone rather than installed into a built-in unit. They were designed with vents at the back of the fridge to draw in cool air and allow heat to dissipate. If a freestanding fridge with rear vents were installed directly against a wall it would prevent heat from escaping and lead to overheating.

Integrated wine fridge - Many integrated wine fridges are a similar design to freestanding fridges in that they have vents at the rear to allow warm air to escape and cool air is drawn in to maintain a consistent temperature required for preserving and maturing your wine collection. In order to do this the fridge needs to be installed with enough space for optimal airflow.

Best of both worlds - The Vin Garde range of wine fridges are ventilated at the front which means that they can be freestanding or integrated into a fitted kitchen. Integrating a wine fridge into your kitchen design creates an amazing streamlined look and give you the ability to store your wine collection for many years while giving your kitchen an incredibly stylish look and feel.

Built-in wine fridge - A built-in wine fridge has ventilation at the front and is typically designed to be installed as an under-counter wine fridge. If you are thinking about a kitchen redesign or have a space under your kitchen countertop, built-in wine fridges are the perfect solution. There are fans located underneath the fridge that draws in cool air, and warm air dissipates out of either side.

Single or dual temperature wine fridge?

Single temperature wine fridges have a single temperature zone while dual temperature wine fridges have two separate temperature zones. Whether you are storing wine for the long term or want the ability to store and serve wine from the same fridge, the best way is to have separate independently controlled temperature zones.

What type of wine fridge should I buy?

There are three main considerations to take into account when choosing a wine fridge:

How much wine are you planning to keep? - This will give you an idea of the bottle capacity to look for. Collecting and drinking wine is an enjoyable and rewarding hobby! Only you can decide what the right number of bottles is. If you are building up your wine collection it’s best to go for a larger fridge to enable you to keep more wine as your collection grows. If you tend to buy and serve your wine within a few months of each other – you will have a better idea about the capacity of your wine fridge.

What type of wine do you plan to store? - Since reds and whites are served at different temperatures you will require a dual temperature to serve both. Choose a single temperature wine fridge if you plan to store wine for ageing.

Where will you place the wine fridge? There is an appropriate wine fridge for every room in the house, restaurant or other commercial premises. Where you plan to place the wine fridge will help you decide between a freestanding, built-in or integrated wine cooler.

What features should you look for in a wine fridge?

Stable Temperature - Eliminating temperature fluctuations is key to the preservation of your wine. Our wine fridges use a compressor and thermostat to control the temperature of the cabinet. It is important to remember that air temperature changes 32 times more rapidly than liquid/wine. When the air inside the fridge starts to rise in temperature, the thermostat triggers the cooling to commence. Once it detects that the temperature is low enough, the cooling stops. All this happens before the liquid or wine has had a chance to change temperature. The air temperature is constantly being adjusted to ensure that the wine stays at the same temperature.

Humidity Regulated - A humidity level of between 50% and 70% is ideal for wine storage. When the humidity is too high mould can affect labels, too low and it can cause corks to dry out. Our wine coolers are designed with a self-regulating humidity feature that maintains ideal hygrometry levels to preserve labels and corks, preventing your wine from oxidising.

Vibration-proof - If wine is subject to vibrations or moved around frequently, it is said to encourage the speeding up of chemical reactions, which might spoil the wine. Our wine fridges are designed to be vibration-free with the compressor mounted on rubber shocks that absorb any vibrations so that your wine can mature correctly.

UV Protected Environment - When wine is exposed to the light from sunlight or fluorescent artificial lights, it can change its flavour and aroma. Our wine fridges are designed to prevent UV light from affecting your wine collection. These features include UV protected glass, dark interiors and UV-free LED lighting.

Carbon Filtered Airflow - Our wine coolers are equipped with an active carbon filter which together with an efficient air circulation system ensures the air is filtered throughout the cabinet to limit any odours from penetrating your wine and mould from growing and damaging labels and corks.

Optimal wine coolers fridges and cabinets with wine presentation and temperature control

Enhance Your Wine Experience with a Premium Wine Cooler
  • Lower compartment: Ideal for red wine at 17°C
  • Upper compartment: Perfect for white wine and champagne at 9°C
  • Versatile design and capacity: 120 to 176 bottle options
  • Stylish doors: Full glass with black or stainless-steel frame
  • Hinge customisation: Left or right-handed options
  • Unique shelf design: Beechwood facia and slim, robust metal base
  • Secure bottle placement: Mouldings on shelf base
  • Convenient LED lighting: Adjustable levels for ambiance
  • Energy-efficient: B rating, low noise at 39 dB
  • Effortless delivery: Free to most UK locations
  • Expert setup: Two-person team, packaging removal
  • 2-year guarantee: Parts and labour coverage

See the Wine Cabinets for larger storage solutions. Choose from built-in or free-standing, large or tall designs, shallow depth and single or dual-temperature control.

Choose from our beautiful wine coolers and cabinets to create the perfect conditions for storing and serving fine wines.

The luxury Vin Garde high-quality wine coolers are equipped with all sliding shelves from top to bottom, allowing immediate access to all bottles. The Vin Garde range comprises of single temperature wine cooler and dual-temperature wine cooler with a choice of height options. A combination of sliding horizontal and sliding display shelves allows you to create perfect conditions to store, display, mature and serve your fine wine collection. All models are front-venting, so can be either free-standing or fitted into a kitchen or furniture surround.

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