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Parete Vino Wine Display Cabinet

The Parete Vino is a modular wine display cabinet ideal for display, storage and serving of wine. The insertion of one or more modules allows you to create a practical, elegant and distinct area exclusively dedicated to showcasing your wine at its very best.

 Parete Vino Wine Display Cabinet
 Parete Vino Wine Display Cabinet
 Parete Vino Wine Display Cabinet
 Parete Vino Wine Display Cabinet

The Parete Vino is an innovative modular system to assemble a fully-equipped wall to display, store and serve wine bottles. The different types of frames and finishes allow you to customise a Parete Vino to match any room interior such as classic or modern.

The Parete Vino is equipped with an innovative cooling system based on a cooling coil positioned at the centre of the case.

Another important feature is the horizontal position of the bottles, which forms an elegant display and ensures perfect visibility of all labels.

Low energy consumption is ensured by the double glazed doors and separate compartments that allow opening only half case, in addition to an excellent side insulation system.

Parete Vino is manufactured with high technical and aesthetic quality material; it is also designed for easy assembly.

All modules are manufactured with the rear side closed by an insulated aluminium panel (refrigerated units) or a wooden panel (neutral units). Side panels are required to complete this installation.

All modules are designed to ensure visibility and access from both sides, since glass doors are present both at the front and the back. Neutral cabinets have pass through open spaces.

The Parete Vino wine display cabinet is a practical response to the growing demand for customisation allowing you to create a display that fits your space but also matches your style and interior fittings.

For more technical information on the modules and units available download the Parete Vino brochure.

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