The Wine Wall – Standard Racking

All your wine. All in one place. For flexible wine storage, the Wine Wall with standard racking can be fitted with all horizontal sliding shelves, all sliding display shelves or any combination of the two.

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Standard Wine Racking

Wine Wall - Standard Wine Racking

The Wine Wall Standard Racking features a self contained cooling unit, lockable double glazed doors and LED lighting,.

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Width: 2 Columns – 1313mm
             3 Columns – 1750mm
             4 Columns – 2372mm

Depth: 710mm
Height: The height of the Wine Wall is 2m, but this can be adjusted to a maximum height of 2.2m.

It is necessary to have a ceiling height clearance of 350mm above the Wine Wall to accommodate the conditioning unit (300mm) and air circulation (50mm minimum). Therefore the ceiling height must be a minimum of 2.35m when the height of the Wine Wall is 2m and 2.55m when the Wine Wall height is 2.2m.

Conditioning Unit

Optimum temperature and humidity is maintained by the conditioning unit mounted behind the Wine Wall grille at a height of 2m. This should be concealed by decorative panelling (not supplied) to the front and sides. A sizeable vent must be fitted to the front panel and it should not be enclosed at the top or rear. A gap of 50mm minimum should be left between the top of the panels and ceiling to allow for air circulation and ventilation.

Shelving & Lighting

Sliding shelf: 11 bottles lying horizontally
Sliding Champagne shelf: 9 bottles lying horizontally
Sliding display shelf: 6 bottles inclined at front, 9 stacked at the rear
Sliding Champagne display shelf: 5 bottles inclined at front, 7 stacked at the rear

The Wine Wall features LED lighting fitted with a dimmer function.

Delivery Information

The WineWall cabinets are delivered flat-packed by our delivery team and assembled on site. 

This way we can install a WineWall in just about any home or restaurant.  Delivery/installation is within 11 weeks from date of order, excluding holiday periods. 

Once your WineWall is delivered to us from the manufacturer in France, our delivery service will call you to propose a delivery date.  For solid oak WineWalls, the cabinet is installed without the racking.  The racking is fitted at a later date by the carpenter. 

We make every effort to minimise the delay between the installation of the cabinet and the fitting of the solid oak racking.

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