Your wine collection is a statement – so make it the centrepiece in your home. Wine Storage Solutions can help you find the ideal wine display cabinet, to both showcase your fine wines and keep them safely stored with flexible temperature control.

Our wine display cabinet range includes the finest models by the industry’s most revered brands, from Teca Vino’s exquisite illuminated all-glass wine cabinets to the sleek modernity of the Brera Wine Library. And for a truly breathtaking display in your home, restaurant or high-end hotel, our unique Wine Walls, with options in either solid oak or in standard racking with sliding shelves on rollers, are unlike any other on the market.

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The Wine Wall - Solid Oak Wine Racking

The Wine Wall

Cavispace Walk-in Wine Cellar

The Wine Room

Teca Vino TV10V

Teca Vino

Teca M

Brera Wine Library – 2.6m or 2.2m Double door

Brera Wine Library

Parete Vino Wine Display Cabinet

Parete Vino

The Wine Wall

The Wine Wall is an elegant and eye-catching glass-fronted, illuminated, temperature-controlled wine display cabinet and is available in standard racking or bespoke solid oak racking options.

The Wine Wall

An elegantly crafted bespoke wine display cabinet Temperature and humidity controlled Up to 748 bottle capacity Available in standard racking or bespoke solid oak wine racking LED lighting with dimmer control.

The cooling unit above is concealed by a decorative screen to the front and sides. Both standard racking and solid oak racking options can be seen in our showroom in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. Call 01608 645083 or send a message with any queries or to discuss your wine storage requirements.

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The Wine Room

When your collection is growing fast and effective wine storage is a priority, the original Wine Room offers generous capacity and modern features.

With sturdy construction, lighting and practical shelving for up to 600 bottles/24 cases, it’s easy to keep your wine organised.

Plus, as the The Wine Room is supplied with a self-contained Koolspace monobloc cellar cooler, no drainage, pipework or water supply is required to safeguard your special bottles for long-term storage.

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Insulated Cellar Door in Cavispace

The Wine Room glass fronted display cabinet is temperature and humidity controlled to ensure perfect wine storage conditions. Access is from the rear. A solid wall can be fitted as an option if the cellar is located against a wall. The LED lighting is fitted with a dimmer control and can be fitted to either the front, the rear or to both.

Teco Vino Wine Display Cabinets

The model shown is the Teca Vino TV10V Wine Display Cabinet

Teca Vino Wine Display Cabinets

Wine storage needn’t be utilitarian, and Teca Vino’s stunning wine display cabinets are the proof.

Put your cherished collection on display with a unique 360-degree glass wine cabinet from Teca Vino, and be assured that the striking looks are matched by practical features like flexible temperature control and rack space for up to 120 bottles (standard or champagne, at a display angle or horizontal).

With two height options, Linear or Dune frame styles, choice of Gold leaf, Silver leaf or match to any RAL colour, Wine Storage Solutions can help you find a Teca Vino wine display cabinet to suit your living space and aspirations.

Can be supplied with a solid rear panel if positioned against a wall.

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Teca M

The Teca M wine display cabinet offers the same clean and elegant lines as the classical Teca but differs for its versatility and the wide range of available finishes.

The frame structure is made of aluminium and is equipped with special magnetic strips to which it is possible to apply or remove quickly and easily all the covers available in the collection.

This particular construction allows to change the colour or finish of the display case for wines in a few minutes and also make possible the joining of more units together giving the appearance of a single unit.

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Teca M Wine Display Cabinet

Teca M

Brera Wine Library

Brera Wine Library

Brera Wine Library

Striking modernist looks and advanced wine storage features come together in the Brera Wine Library series of wine display cabinets.

Featuring rugged all-stainless steel construction and versatile temperature control, the Brera Wine Library can handle the demands of a busy professional restaurant or a sociable home.

Whatever the scale of your wine collection, the choice of dimensions and door configurations means there’s a Brera Wine Library to meet your wine storage needs.

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Parete Vino is an innovative modular wine display cabinet for assembling a fully-equipped wall to display, store and serve wine bottles.

With variations in the types of frames and finishes the Parete Vino can be customised to match any room decoration either classic or modern.

The Parete Vino is equipped with an innovative cooling system based on a cooling coil positioned at the centre of the case ensuring wine is stored and displayed at its optimum temperature.

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Parete Vino Wine Display Cabinet

Parete Vino Wine Display Cabinet

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