Perhaps you’ve always dreamt of creating your own wine cellar – but have never gone ahead because your home doesn’t support the delicate temperature and humidity levels required to keep wine at its best. What you might not realise is that by using wine cellar cooling equipment – alongside insulating material and insulated cellar doors – any space can be transformed into a professional wine cellar.

With Wine Storage Solutions offering the choice between the Koolspace monobloc wine cellar cooler and Friax split-system conditioner, there’s nothing to stop you building your own wine cellar.

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Koolspace Magnum Wine Cellar Conditioner

The Koolspace Magnum is suitable for use in any insulated area up to 20m³ – for areas in excess of 20m³ a second Koolspace Magnum can be used.


Effective wine storage in your own home cellar doesn’t have to be a losing battle. Introducing the Koolspace KoolR Plus wine cellar conditioner: a discreet, stand-alone monobloc unit which requires no plumbing or drainage and offers low running noise, internal venting, and the power to cool any space from a large cupboard right up to an insulated room of 20 cubic metres.

When you order the Koolspace wine cellar cooler from Wine Storage Solutions, we can also advise on the insulating material and insulated cellar doors you’ll need to complete your wine room.

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Many collectors battle to keep their home wine cellar at optimal humidity and a steady 12-13°C.

Enter the Friax Split System wine cellar conditioner. Working on the same principle as regular air conditioning, this advanced French-made cellar conditioner comprises an outdoor condenser and indoor evaporator for highly effective wine storage, featuring heating as well as cooling function, humidity control (water supply required to the evaporator) and remote setting/control.

Wine Storage Solutions can recommend an installation engineer in your area and are on hand to offer expert installation advice.

The evaporator can be concealed in an adjacent room or ceiling void, so nothing spoils the look of your wine room.

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Friax Split Wine Conditioner System

The Cavispace walk in wine cellar is manufactured using high performance materials – aluminium structure interior/exterior and extruded polystyrene insulated.

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