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Wine Storage Cabinets Vs Wine Coolers

We quite often get asked; What is the difference between a wine cooler and a wine cabinet? To which our reply is; Different people use different terminologies for very similar products. On the Wine Storage Solutions website, we have two sections Wine Coolers and Wine Cabinets which we strongly recommend that people view both so as not to […]

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What is the Difference Between a Wine Fridge and an Ordinary Fridge

Here at Wine Storage Solutions Ltd, we are often asked questions such as; “What is the difference between a Wine Fridge and an ordinary fridge?” “Why buy a wine storage cabinet, rather than an ordinary fridge?” “Why are wine fridges more expensive than standard fridges?” “Why not just keep wine in a normal fridge rather […]

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Launch of new Teca Vino Wine Display Cabinets

Wine Storage Solutions are pleased to announce the launch of their latest temperature-controlled wine display, the Teca Vino range. Access is via the front or rear sliding, lockable glass doors. Bottles can be mounted either horizontally or at a display angle. LED lighting strips are fitted to each of the 4 corners. Options include 2 […]

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Leasing Options are now Available for Wine Cabinets

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Bluestar Leasing, a capital equipment finance company. In today’s financial climate we all understand the importance of preserving working capital, yet businesses still need to grow and regularly invest in new wine coolers and cabinets. Our new partnership with Bluestar ensures that our customers can acquire […]

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