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Should Red and White Wine Be Stored Separately?

Q. When storing red and white wine is there any need to keep all the reds together and all the whites together? A. All wines – red, white, champagne, should be cellared at 12 or 13 degrees Celsius. This allows the wine to reach perfect maturity and once matured to stay in tip-top condition. So […]

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Returning Bottles of Wine to a Wine Cellar

Q. If I take a bottle of red wine out of my cellar with the intention of drinking it in the next couple of days and I don’t get around to opening it, is it better to drink it within the next few weeks or is it OK to put it back in storage? A. […]

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Tips on Buying a Wine Cooler

If you are considering buying a wine cooler and would like to know which model will best serve your needs, these tips should help you buy the right one (And don’t lose sight of the fact that we are only a phone call away and would be pleased to help). What size of Wine Cooler? […]

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Wine Coolers See Before You Buy

There is a shocking difference in the quality of wine coolers on the market at the moment which is why we encourage you to see a wine cooler before buying. We try to show you the quality of our Vin Garde wine coolers by displaying large high-resolution images on our website and by also displaying […]

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Single Temperature Wine Cabinets or Multi Temperature Wine Cabinets

Transtherm wine storage cabinets from Groupe Eurocave of France are available in 3 different formats – Single temperature, 3-temperature and multi-temperature and customers sometimes cannot decide which best suits their requirements. It is a common misconception that different types of wine should be cellared at different temperatures – not so. All wines should be cellared […]

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