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Koolspace Magnum Monobloc Wine Cellar Conditioner

When creating your home wine cellar, it’s essential to maintain the optimal temperature of 12-13°C at all times. Introducing the Koolspace wine cellar conditioner: a discreet self-contained monobloc cellar cooling unit that offers low running noise, internal venting and the power to cool any insulated space from a large cupboard up to a room of 20 cubic metres.

When you order the Koolspace wine cellar conditioner from Wine Storage Solutions, we can also advise on the insulating material and insulated cellar doors you’ll need to complete your wine room.

Koolspace Cellar Coolers

Monobloc wine cellar coolers create the perfect temperature for wine storage. They also vent internally and run quietly. The Koolspace Magnum is suitable for use in any insulated area up to 20m³ – for areas in excess of 20m³ a second Koolspace Magnum can be used.

Engineered for quiet operation, the Koolspace Magnum Monobloc wine cellar cooler is ideal for use in the home, restaurant or any other location where noise abatement is an important factor.

The Koolspace KoolR Plus wine cellar conditioner can be easily installed and vents directly through an internal wall into a ventilated room, corridor or space, avoiding the need to knock through an external wall.

The Koolspace Magnum is mounted through an interior wall and the rear of the unit protrudes into the wine cellar.

Note that these models must not be vented through an external wall.

Koolspace Cellar Coolers

Price £1290.00 (inc VAT & Delivery)

Delivery Information

Koolspace Cellar Coolers – are delivered from stock within 7 working days of the day following your order. Our delivery service will contact you to propose a delivery date. On the day of delivery the driver will call when about 1 hour from you.

We strongly advise that the area used as a wine cellar should be properly insulated and a thermal barrier employed (please also see our range of insulated cellar doors). The control settings and display are conveniently located on the front of the Koolspace cellar cooling unit to allow you to monitor temperatures in the cellar. Its super-smart controls sense the conditions in the cellar and will adjust the power levels automatically to ensure optimum conditions at all times. The condensate is channelled into an internal reservoir and evaporated inside the cellar, to ensure optimum humidity levels within.

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