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Friax Split System Wine Cellar Conditioners

The challenge of keeping your wine cellar at ideal humidity and a steady 12-13°C is solved by the Friax Split System wine cellar conditioner.

Working on the same principle as standard air conditioning, this advanced French-made cellar conditioner comprises of an outdoor condenser and indoor evaporator, providing highly effective wine storage to create perfect wine storage conditions.

Features include both heating and cooling function, to allow installation in an unheated area, humidity control (water supply required to the evaporator point) and wireless control. The evaporator can be concealed in an adjacent room or ceiling void, so nothing spoils the look of your wine room.

Friax Split System Wine Cellar Conditioners
Friax Split System Wine Cellar Conditioners
Friax Split System Wine Cellar Conditioners

Friax Split System Wine Cellar ConditionersFriax split system wine cellar conditioning equipment comprises a condensing unit, which is normally mounted on the outside of a building on the wall or ground (this can be surrounded by fencing or trellis, provided the airflow around it is not impeded). It is connected by gas pipes to the evaporating unit inside or close to the wine cellar. The maximum distance between the condensing unit and evaporator is 25m. All our Friax split system wine cellar conditioning units feature noise suppression measures and active humidity control.

The evaporator unit is connected by gas pipe to the outside condensing unit (the maximum distance between evaporator and condenser is normally 25m). For customers who do not wish to see the evaporator unit, we use specially adapted Friax cellar conditioning evaporating units which can be concealed in a ceiling void, adjacent room or in the cellar room, within a furniture surround – all you see inside the cellar room are two decorative grilles.

Temperature and humidity control equipment can be concealed in furniture fittings with attractive and discreet vents. Our Friax cellar conditioning units can also be housed in a false ceiling if the location allows.

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Delivery Information

Friax cellar conditioning systems – If you choose to include installation of the system, delivery is by the engineer when he arrives to install. If you require delivery only, delivery is normally within 3 weeks. Delivery is via a courier from the manufacturer in France and you will be contacted by the courier company to finalise delivery arrangements.

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