Wine cellar air conditioner. The benefits?

Our wine cellar air conditioner can be installed in virtually any space, converting them into a wine cellar with the ideal conditions in which to store and mature your wine collection until it reaches its peak condition.

The wine cooling unit creates a controlled atmosphere with a constant temperature and appropriate humidity which are essential for the ageing process.

Changes in temperature adversely affect the aromas of the wine and can cause it to age prematurely. Wine cellars that are too dry can cause the cork to deteriorate and air to enter the wine, too humid and the labels can degrade reducing the value of the precious bottles of wine.

Household air conditioners cool the air by, in part, removing water from the air. Wine cellar cooling systems also remove water from the air but are designed to remove much less, keeping an ideal humidity level of around 60% relative humidity. Buy a wine cellar air conditioner