Why invest in a wine fridge?

A wine fridge, also known as a wine cooler, is specially designed to store wine at the ideal temperature. If you are interested in wine and take the time to explore different varieties, then storing them in a wine fridge will allow you to experience them at their best. Serving wine from a wine fridge allows you to enjoy different types of wine and experience the release of flavours and aromas that occurs when a wine is served at the correct temperature.

Standard fridges are too cold for a bottle of wine to be stored appropriately. Wine is a delicate drink that can be harmed by exposure to the wrong conditions. Not only is the temperature of the typical fridge too cold to store wine in general, but it’s also the wrong temperature to serve white wine which means removing it from the fridge before serving to give it time to warm up properly. Plus the shelving is mainly set up to store food whereas a wine fridge is laid out to store, display and serve wine.