What type of wine fridge should I buy?

There are three main considerations to take into account when choosing a wine fridge:

How much wine are you planning to keep? – This will give you an idea of the bottle capacity to look for. Collecting and drinking wine is an enjoyable and rewarding hobby! Only you can decide what the right number of bottles is. If you are building up your wine collection it’s best to go for a larger fridge to enable you to keep more wine as your collection grows. If you tend to buy and serve your wine within a few months of each other – you will have a better idea about the capacity of your wine fridge.

What type of wine do you plan to store? – Since reds and whites are served at different temperatures you will require a dual temperature to serve both. Choose a single temperature wine fridge if you plan to store wine for ageing.

Where will you place the wine fridge? There is an appropriate wine fridge for every room in the house, restaurant or other commercial premises. Where you plan to place the wine fridge will help you decide between a freestanding, built-in or integrated wine cooler.