What features should you look for in a wine fridge?

Stable Temperature – Eliminating temperature fluctuations is key to the preservation of your wine. Our wine fridges use a compressor and thermostat to control the temperature of the cabinet. It is important to remember that air temperature changes 32 times more rapidly than liquid/wine. When the air inside the fridge starts to rise in temperature, the thermostat triggers the cooling to commence. Once it detects that the temperature is low enough, the cooling stops. All this happens before the liquid or wine has had a chance to change temperature. The air temperature is constantly being adjusted to ensure that the wine stays at the same temperature.

Humidity Regulated – A humidity level of between 50% and 70% is ideal for wine storage. When the humidity is too high mould can affect labels, too low and it can cause corks to dry out. Our wine coolers are designed with a self-regulating humidity feature that maintains ideal hygrometry levels to preserve labels and corks, preventing your wine from oxidising.

Vibration-proof – If wine is subject to vibrations or moved around frequently, it is said to encourage the speeding up of chemical reactions, which might spoil the wine. Our wine fridges are designed to be vibration-free with the compressor mounted on rubber shocks that absorb any vibrations so that your wine can mature correctly.

UV Protected Environment – When wine is exposed to the light from sunlight or fluorescent artificial lights, it can change its flavour and aroma. Our wine fridges are designed to prevent UV light from affecting your wine collection. These features include UV protected glass, dark interiors and UV-free LED lighting.

Carbon Filtered Airflow – Our wine coolers are equipped with an active carbon filter which together with an efficient air circulation system ensures the air is filtered throughout the cabinet to limit any odours from penetrating your wine and mould from growing and damaging labels and corks.