Is it appropriate to store vintage port in a wine fridge?

Yes, the Vin Garde wine fridges provide the perfect environment for keeping all types of wine, including fortified wines. All should be stored long-term at cellar temperature, 12 or 13 degrees Celsius.

Further to this, you may find this recent review we received interesting, as it is from a customer who required a wine cabinet for storing Port.

“We are very pleased with the Baubigny cabinet that we ordered from you and it is now occupying pride of place in our kitchen. I’m delighted to say that the Port bottles it was bought to store do fit properly onto all of the shelves, and the cabinet is proving ideal for purposes; so much so that I’m afraid I may have to buy even more in order to fill the empty spaces! Hopefully, it will spark a conversation or two over the coming months and I will be able to recommend you to friends as a result.”