What is the difference between a stainless steel glass door wine cooler and a full glass door wine cooler ?

The Vin Garde range of wine coolers and wine fridges offer two door options – Full Glass Door and Stainless Steel Glass Door.

The full glass door wine cooler has a black frame and the glass covers all of the frame, producing an  attractive gloss effect, similar to that on a high-end mobile phone.  The stainless steel option consists of a stainless steel frame with the glass inserted within the frame, not over the frame.

When fitted with the full glass door, the Vin Garde wine cooler depth is 688mm and when fitted with the stainless steel glass door, the depth is 680mm.

All our wine cooler glass doors are UV-protected and come as a no-cost option.  The wine cooler doors can be ordered in either right hinge or left hinge and this should be stipulated at time of order.

Wine Cooler Door Handles – the handles on each door type are different.  The full glass door wine cooler handle is recessed into the side of the door itself, giving an attractive clean line to the front of the wine cooler.  The stainless steel glass door option has a matching stainless steel handle to match the frame of the wine cooler.

Both wine cooler door options, full glass door and stainless steel glass door, are normally stock items for immediate delivery.    There is a small surcharge for the stainless steel glass door option.  It should be noted that it is not possible to retrospectively fit a full glass door to a wine cooler fitted with a stainless steel glass door and vice versa.

Notes for using the wine coolers when built-in – the handle of the full glass door wine cooler is recessed into the side of the door.  It is therefore necessary to leave a gap between the side of the cabinet and adjacent furniture or wall of around 20mm, to allow you to access the door handle with your fingers.  We recommend inserting a colour co-ordinated 20mm infill at the side of the cabinet which extends up to the body of the cabinet but not past the door.  This ‘frames’ the wine cooler and is pleasing on the eye, whilst allowing easy access to the recessed handle