Are wine cabinets the alternative to wine cellars?

Yes, so long as the cabinet assures a steady temperature with no fluctuations. Also, if the cabinet is to be located in an unheated room – a garage, outhouse etc, check that the cabinet is fitted with a heating function as well as a cooling function.

For large volume capacity requirements, we propose our Espace Walk-in Wine Cellars and Cavispace Walk-in Wine Cellars. These self-contained wine rooms are made from aluminium-backed insulated panels which can be assembled in almost any space and are supplied with everything you need, including the racking and a thick mat which might just prevent the bottle from breaking if you should drop it!

A Monobloc cellar conditioner regulates the temperature to 12 or 13 degrees Celsius – ideal cellar temperature for storing reds and whites long-term. No plumbing or drainage is required, only a 13-amp power supply. Capacity from 600 – 4140 bottles.