Della Marta SRL

Della Marta SRL (formerly EXPO SRL) is a market-leading Italian manufacturer of wine cabinets based in Rivoli in northern Itlay. They produce wine display cabinets and wine walls for commercial and home use.

Della Marta products are the first choice for sommeliers and wine lovers throughout the world. The sophisticated, minimalistic Italian design allows the wine cabinets to blend into any space from the kitchen and living room to the finest restaurants and hotels.

The collections are produced at the Della Marta manufacturing facility outside Turin. All products are made using the highest quality materials and incredible attention to detail.

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Home Collection

Originally designed for commercial premises such as restaurants and hotels, the home collection was introduced as the interest and demand for high-quality wine cabinets expanded from commercial spaces to private homes.

The home range features an innovative cooling system and runs more quietly than the commercial range, it also has added extras including charcoal filters aimed at wine lovers who are looking to the range for wine storage.

The products in the home collection available from Wine Storage Solutions are:

Teca TE

The Teca TE offers a stunning 360-degree display to really show off your wine collection. It features an aluminium frame that is finished in wood that can be matched to your home decor.

Teca Te (Recommended for home use)

Teca B

The Teca B is a built-in wine cabinet designed to be fitted into an alcove or wall cabinet giving it a seamless finish.

Teca B (Home use only)

Professional Collection

The professional collection is the original range of wine cabinets produced by Della Marta. These stylish yet sturdy wine display cabinets were designed with the rigours of serving customers in a busy restaurant or hotel in mind.

Teca Vino

The Teca Vino is a freestanding wine cabinet suited to commercial premises. The Teca Vino is available in a variety of finishes.

Teca Vino (Home use only)