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Built-in Wine Storage Solutions

Perfect for both homes and restaurants, our built-in wine coolers can help turn your kitchen into the ideal location to store and showcase your wine. The correct serving temperature will enable you to fully experience your wines at their best. With built-in wine coolers, you can do this from the convenience of your kitchen whilst adding to the aesthetics of your existing layout.

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Vin Garde Baubigny

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Fitting built in wine coolers

All Vin Garde cabinets ventilate to the front, so can be pushed back to the wall at the rear. You MUST observe the following precautions:

The handle of the full glass door model is recessed into the side of the door itself. Also, opening the door of the cabinet increases the cabinet width by 12mm as the door opens past the 45 degree point. We therefore recommend that you leave a gap of at least 20mm on each side of the cabinet. The use of recessed infill panels, colour-matched to that of the kitchen units, creates an aesthetically pleasing effect (see the images below).

Note that the stainless steel doors have a different design, with the handle to the front but you must still allow space on the hinge side for the door width increasing when opened.


Fitting without infills

If you do not wish to use infill panels you can bring the cabinets forward so that the door is clear of the kitchen cabinetry. This will allow you to fit the cabinet within a 600mm wide space.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to request a spec sheet on Built in Wine Coolers.


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We also have a mock-up kitchen set up in our showroom where you can come along and see for yourself just how superb Vin Garde built-in wine coolers look when in situ.

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