Wine Cellar Conditioners and Coolers

Any space can be converted into the perfect wine cellar. Our wine cellar conditioners and coolers ensure perfect temperature and humidity for optimal wine storage conditions. We have two types of wine cellar conditioners:

Monobloc Wine Cellar Conditioners: can be easily vented through an internal wall
Friax Split System Wine Cellar Conditioners: condensing unit mounted on the outside of a building and an evaporating unit inside the cellar

Temperature and humidity control equipment can be concealed in furniture fittings with attractive and discreet vents. We can use specially adapted units which can be concealed in ceiling voids or within furniture, with a decorative grill to match the surrounds. Both systems are engineered for quiet operation, the Monobloc KoolR Plus being just 40dB at 1m.

Monobloc Wine Conditioner - Koolspace KoolR  Wine Cellar Conditioning Units

Monobloc wine conditioner – internal vent

Split System Wine Conditioner

Split system wine conditioner

Split system wine conditioner Wine Cellar Friax Conditioning Units

Split system wine conditioner – wall concealed evaporator

Split system Friax wine conditioning unit
Split system wine conditioning unit
Monobloc Wine Conditioner - Koolspace KoolR Plus Wine Cellar Conditioning Units
Monobloc wine conditioner – Koolspace


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a monobloc wine cellar conditioner?

A self-contained unit which is mounted through a hole in the wall of the cellar and vents out into an internal room, not through an outside wall. No drainage is required, the system is entirely self-contained.

What is a split-system wine cellar conditioner?

The evaporator is inside the cellar and the condensing unit is outside the building, with the two connected by copper piping. The evaporator needs to be connected to a drain. There are options to conceal the evaporator in a ceiling void or behind a wall or concealed by furniture inside the cellar.

Can a conditioner be fitted in my existing cellar or storage area?

Yes, but this leads to many questions regarding what work needs to be done and drilling through walls.

Who installs cellar conditioners?

Monobloc units are easy to install by a builder and we can send installation instructions. Monobloc units are supply only. For split-system installations we supply an engineer to fit the entire system.

Do I need a cellar conditioner?

Not if the cellar temperature is a steady 12C. Otherwise, yes.

My cellar is not sealed like a walk-in unit: will a conditioner be effective?

We can compensate for poorly insulated rooms but it involves using more powerful equipment which is costlier to purchase and run.

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Call 01608 645083 or send us a message with any queries on our wine cellar conditioners and coolers or to discuss your wine storage requirements. Please also see our insulated Cellar Doors, modular Wine CellarsWine Cabinets and Wine Display Cabinets Wine Cellar Conditioning Units.

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