Transtherm Wine Cabinets

Manufactured by Groupe Eurocave of France, the company which pioneered the concept of the wine storage cabinet more than 30 years ago, to become world leader in their field today. The pursuit of excellence in design and manufacture has resulted in the ultimate home for your fine wines – a Transtherm wine cabinet.

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Transtherm Technology

The technology used by TRANSTHERM puts forward the know-how of the professionals to bring together the five criteria required for optimal wine preservation: reinforced insulation, automatic temperature control, adapted humidity, natural ventilation and absence of vibration.

Transtherm Build Quality

4.5 cm thick shock-resistant, high density insulation provides optimum insulation to maintain perfect cellar conditions. Slow and balanced compressors mounted on rubber shocks eliminate vibration and reduce noise levels to a whisper. Probably the quietest cabinet on the market. Robust design to accommodate up to 267 bottles per cabinet. Attractive, sturdy solid beech wood shelving. State of the art control panel incorporating temperature setting and display.

Transtherm Wine Cabinet Technology

Transtherm Wine Cabinets



Transtherm cabinets replicate those ideal conditions found in a traditional wine cellar – steady 12 or 13 degrees Celsius with optimum humidity, to ensure the perfect environment for your wines to mature and stay in tip-top condition. Equipped with both heating and cooling functions, the Transtherm can function year-round in any weatherproof environment from 0 – 35 degrees Celsius and are equally at home in a garage or outhouse.


The thermal pump system, unique to Transtherm and incorporated into the design of the cabinets, ensures optimum humidity levels and air circulation throughout the cabinet to prevent corks from drying out and wine being spoiled. No moving parts, no fan to rapidly dry-out corks, no filters to replace, simply great design.

Adapted humidity

Bottle corks need specific hygrometric conditions in order not to dry out. The thermal pump (TRANSTHERM exclusivity) allows hot humid air to be obtained automatically. Natural condensation on the back wall records a hygrometric value between 55 and 80%.

Natural ventilation

In order to avoid the phenomenon of mould, which could generate bad odours and risk deteriorating the corks, Transtherm cabinets have natural permanent ventilation, based on the principal of the thermal pump.

Transtherm Technology

Absence of vibration

The use of slow and stable compressors mounted on shock absorbing blocks, separate from the body of the cabinet, eliminates any residual vibration.

Reinforced Insulation

The walls of our cabinets are made of three successive thermal barriers. The internal walls in aluminium help to ensure an even temperature throughout the cabinet. The robust and aesthetically decorative exterior walls are reinforced at the corners by insulating sections. The 5.5 cm thick high density expanded foam which is injected, ensures optimal insulation. The TRANSTHERM cabinets thus have a rigidity adapted to wine bottle storage and thermal stability worthy of that of the best natural cellars.


How Transtherm Wine Cabinets Work

The technical specificities used endow TRANSTHERM wine coolers with perfect wine preservation conditions, following the example of natural cellars. Your wine will improve for your greatest pleasure and that of your guests.The quality of the material, the display ergonomics and the contemporary design, make TRANSTHERM wine cabinets the ideal solution for safeguarding your precious bottles.

Automatic temperature control

When the ambient temperature rises above the ideal wine preservation temperature, a cold circuit, driven by a very slow cycle compressor mounted on silent-blocks, comes into action. The cold circuit coil, made of aluminium, is within the aluminium back wall of the cabinet, for a better temperature distribution. In case of a drop of temperature, an electrical resistance, which is also within the back wall, will come into action and automatically increase the temperature.

Thermal Regulation

TRANSTHERM cabinets are equipped with a temperature regulation system which uses liquid bulb thermostats, specifically designed for this purpose. The sensitivity and precision of these thermostats operate either the cold or hot circuit at the right moment, and as quickly as possible, in order to maintain, with an external temperature between 0 and 35°C (32 to 95°F), a maximum temperature variation of +/- 1.5°C inside the wine cabinet. All TRANSTHERM cabinets are equipped with a temperature setting and control panel.

Thermal Pump

The thermal pump process, Transtherm exclusivity, which by heating the condensed water, allows the introduction of humid air within the cabinet and considerably increase the hygrometry (values between 55 and 80%). This principal gives the cabinet natural ventilation and constant air circulation.


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