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Single temperature wine cabinets or multi temperature wine cabinets?

How to decide between a single temperature Wime cabinet or multi temperature wine cabinet

Transtherm wine storage cabinets from Groupe Eurocave of France are available in 3 different formats - Single temperature, 3-temperature and multi-temperature and customers sometimes cannot decide which best suits their requirements.

It is a common misconception that different types of wine should be cellared at different temperatures - not so. All wines should be cellared at around 12 degrees Celsius. This will allow all types of wine - red, white, champagne etc, to reach perfect maturity and once there, to stay in peak condition for as long as possible.

Single temperature wine cabinets are designed to keep all wines at the same temperature, usually 12 degrees Celsius, cellar temperature. With Transtherm single temperature cabinets, the temperature can be set at any temperature between 6 - 18 degrees Celsius. This is to allow a restauranteur to keep all whites/champagnes at 6 degrees or all reds at 17 degrees - serving temperatures but it is important to note that it has to be one or the other temperature as only 1 temperature can be set.

The 3-temperature wine cabinet 'Castel' has 3 different temperature zones:- A compartment at the top which allows up to 11 reds to be kept at 17 degrees Celsius A compartment at the bottom which allows up to 17 whites to be kept at 7 degrees The large central area which is for storing reds and whites at cellar temperature - 12 degrees Celsius.

Multi-temperature wine cabinets are open-plan, like the single-temperature cabinets, but the temperature within is 7 degrees Celsius at the bottom, graduating to 17 degrees at the top. The idea is to keep all types of wine at their respective perfect serving temperatures. This has been more popular in France and some other European countries than in the UK where I find restauranteurs prefer only 2 temperatures - 6 degrees for the whites and 17 degrees for the reds.

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