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Friax cellar conditioners – Friax Wine Cellar Conditioning Systems

Almost any space can be converted into a wine cellar to ensure your prized vintages reach perfect maturity and stay in peak condition.

Friax split-systems provide perfect temperature and humidity. Normally a cellar should be insulated to around 60mm all around but where this is not possible we can incorporate more powerful systems to compensate.

Friax Wine Cellar Conditioners

The condensing unit is located outside the building and the evaporator is located inside or near the cellar. There are 3 types of evaporator:-

Attached to the ceiling or wall, concealed in a false ceiling, horizontally mounted or concealed in a nearby room or inside the cellar and concealed with a decorative surround.

In the latter two options, the evaporator cannot be seen – only the decorative grilles on the ceiling or wall are visible.

The hygrometry function requires a water supply to the evaporator point. If the area to be cellar conditioned is an unheated building, the heating function ensures that the set temperature is maintained year-round, regardless of the temperatures outdoors.

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